Is There a Cure for Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is the most common form of back to suffer with, and a cure for lower back pain is one of the most difficult things to attain.
To get any cure for back pain, you must follow a few steps and understand one important FACT that few people know.
This web page will help you understand this and demonstrate the steps you mist follow to finally get a cure for your lower back pain.


A FACT You Must Understand

When pain strikes, your goal is pain relief. After all nobody likes living in pain even for a few seconds, let alone days, weeks, months or even years for some low back pain sufferers.

alarm signal for back pain

Pain is JUST an Alarm signal

Pain is actually your friend. It tells you that your spine has become out of balance and that it needs attention. Pain is just an alarm signal no different to a fire alarm to a fire.
When the fire alarm is triggered you know it is best to call the fire brigade to extinguish the fire.
Would you be happy if they turned up to your lovely home, turned off the alarm and left … without ever looking for the fire or attempting to eliminate it?
The same with back pain.
Pain is your fire alarm and the reason many people continue to suffer with pain, or have recurring bouts of pain, is that you are told, taught or show ways to turn off the pain, but never shown how to remove the fire (the causes of your pain).
Sure a few stretches or exercises may make you feel better and may very well relieve back pain for some, but all you have done is turn off the alarm … and are hoping the fire will burn out by itself.
Sometimes it will … sometimes it won’t.
The following steps are essential if you wish to not only turn off the alarm, but also extinguish the fire and build in an early warning system to make sure no fires (pain) ever occur again…


The 3 Steps to Cure Lower Back Pain

There are only three simple steps that you must follow to cure lower back pain, and to make sure you remove both your symptoms and the cause of your pain.
Each step is as important as the others, but you must complete all three steps to get any cure for lower back pain.
Step #1 – Detect Your Imbalance
Research has shown that all back pain is caused by imbalances in your spine at a muscular and joint level. Detecting these imbalances is essential for two reasons.
First it allows you to know which areas to target to get relief and remove the cause, and secondly you can use the same detection method long term to monitor your spinal health.
Checking for imbalance when you are pain free means you have your early warning system in place, so you can remove imbalances before they cause pain.

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The second step though is essential…
Step #2 – Pain Relief
Even though I said above that turning off the alarm signal was not advisable, what I meant is, that ONLY removing pain is not a good idea.

back pain relief stretches

Many stretches give little or no relief

Removing pain as part of an overall approach is necessary. Your body will heal the underlying issues faster if you are pain free.
This is also where many people have problems when find a cure for back pain. They use a few stretches or techniques, find little relief and therefore give up.
Muscle tension, trigger points, inflammation and even joint tension can cause pain.
Symptom relief therefore needs a more combined approach, where you learn a few simple techniques to make sure you remove the reason why pain is happening.
Inside the X-Pain program we teach you 16 different ways to ease pain so you can guarantee you get relief … and fast.

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And once pain has eased and you want to get a lasting cure for lower back pain, the final step is a must.
Step #3 – Remove the Cause
This is a process of rebalancing your spine.
It is a simple process that takes only a few minutes, and is the best way to get a lasting cure for lower back pain. But as your spine has become out of balance, it has become accustomed to the imbalance.
You need to correct your spine each day to retrain the balances to remain. This is also why it is important to use techniques that don’t take hours out of your day.
If you need to balance your spine each day for a few weeks to make sure the balances remain, you need to use techniques that only require a few minutes of your hard earned time.
But removing the cause is something you can do at home, with simple techniques to remove both the muscle and joint imbalances in your spine.
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