Effective Back Pain Relief Strategies

Back pain affects adults almost as much as the common cold. It is said that as you read this, 47% of all adults are in pain.
This is not meant to frighten you, but to help you understand you are not alone in your pain.
You have decided to look for back pain relief and found my site and I congratulate you for taking that all-important first step – looking for information.
In fact understanding why your pain develops is essential. In fact the reason why many attempts at back pain relief fail, is that too few people understand why pain develops.
Research has proven that your pain is the result of many small traumas over time – and it is more than just a few tight or weak muscles.
So to get lasting relief … relief that lasts a life time … you must look deeper into the cause.
This site is dedicated to teaching you how to Become & Stay pain free, yes back pain relief that lasts.
To start, it is best to look at one of the most common reasons why people seek help.

Why Is Lower Back Pain Relief So Hard To Find?

As I said above, almost half the population is in pain right now and lower back pain is the most common.
We use our lower backs in almost every activity we do. If your lower back is balanced and strong then your resistance to pain is good.
If however, your spine is out of balance then your daily activities place undue strain on your lower back especially. These activities include sitting all day at your desk, exercise and sport, household chores, playing with your kids … and yes even stress affects it.
Lower back pain relief, therefore is a common and necessary goal.
But it is not just pain relief you seek.
In a recent survey of our online readers we found that although lower back pain relief is vital, the most common reasons to seek help were:
1. To be able to exercise without pain, so you can lose weight.
2. To get down on the floor and play with your kids.
3. To put in a full days work and see the fruits of your labor.
4. To look forward to your elder years, being pain free.
So although pain relief is your goal, it is the greater experience of being pain free that you really desire.

Do Back Pain Exercises Really Help

To achieve that goal, many people use various back pain exercises in the hope that pain will ease.
Now I’m not saying that this is wrong…
But if you only target the muscular system you are likely to miss most of the cause.
All back pain exercises are directed to either stretching muscles or trying to build strength.
However, ALL back pain is caused by a combination of factors.
You have your muscle imbalances, and you also have joint imbalances.
There are reflexes that coordinate movement, which if out of balance will allow muscles and joints to fail. There are other reflexes that will tighten muscles as a protective reaction.
All very simple to address.
But unless you address all the causes … you will fail to become pain free and staying pain free is less likely.
So to Become & Stay pain free you must know more than simply how to stretch or exercise.
In fact, stretches have the lowest success rate to relieve pain. Why?

Why Stretches for Lower Back Pain Fail

Stretching is trying to relax muscles – fact!
Most people use the standard stretch of placing the muscle in a state of tension and then holding that position for a minute or two.
There are two problems with this approach.
1. The Standard stretches for lower back pain are very ineffectual at releasing tension. There are more effective ways to stretch a muscle and create the relaxation effect.
2. It is just as important to know when to stretch. If you stretch at certain times of the day, muscles will stay relaxed longer – therefore you train the muscle to remain in a relaxed state.
3. Unless you release certain reflexes, even after stretching for a few minutes, the muscle will almost immediately return to state of tension – negating your efforts.
Stretches for lower back pain can help ease your pain. You just need to make sure you stretch correctly, at the right time and remove the reason why the muscle tightened initially.
If not, pain is unlikely to ease.
Again, this is not meant to scare you – I’m here to tell you the truth about your pain and how you can Become & Stay Pain Free.

What About Back Pain Treatment

– is that an option?
Being a practitioner, I get asked often – should I seek help from a local practitioner.
The simple answer is – yes and no.
Most practitioners have a mono-skill set.
Chiropractors will adjust joints; Physical Therapists will work on muscles. Sure there are many that combine techniques and it is this type of practitioner you should seek help from.
However …
Most people who come to my site fit into two categories:
1. Those who have sought help and not received lasting relief
2. Those who are new to back pain and searching for answers.
Back pain treatment can be performed at home. It is very simple to teach my readers how to rebalance muscles and even your joints.
It is also very easy to teach you to reset reflexes, use acupressure and other techniques to remove ALL the causes of your pain.
Saying that, I still recommend that you find a good practitioner, not just for back pain treatment.
But someone you can see to help make sure you remain pain free. A check-up every few months or more is a good way to check that you are in balance.
A good practitioner is a valuable asset – just not necessary to remove your pain. My goal is to teach you how to look after yourself – saving you time, money and pain.

Yes – Natural Back Pain Relief

You may have noticed I didn’t mention medication or your medical doctor.
In fact natural back pain relief is more effective than a medical approach. Medication is designed to target symptoms.
Now, although symptom relief is essential – nobody likes to remain in pain for longer than they should.
But it is just that – symptom relief.
If all you do is remove symptoms, it is like removing the fire alarms in your house and hoping there will be no fires.
Symptoms are your body’s way to let you know that you are out of balance.
That you must restore balance – and natural back pain relief is the ideal approach. Stretches, exercises, joint techniques, reflexes and acupressure are all natural techniques.
Sure you can even add in certain supplements to speed the process even quicker. But the natural approach is effective and allows you to rebalance your spine at home.
This is why this remains the best approach to relieving pain.
But you may be asking …

How To Relieve Back Pain Now

There are many techniques inside this site, but many people ask me for the one technique I use, the I recommend above all others.
Knowing how to relieve back pain is an ideal tool after all.
So here goes…
Although I’ve said that you shouldn’t just look at your muscles. Muscles do cause most of the actual pain.
This can be from Trigger Points, muscle tightness and even reflex reactions in the muscle.
But a simple technique that removes two of these components and hence eases pain quickly is as follows.
tennis-ball-sockGrab 2 tennis balls and tie them in a sock so they don’t move. Place them over your lower back so one tennis ball is on one side your spine, and the other on the opposite side.
Then lie on your back using your body weight over the tennis balls to break down muscle tension. You can move the tennis balls up your spine a small amount to find areas of tension.
Lying here (sometimes you may need your knees bent if too tender) for a minute or two can ease pain quickly.
PLEASE NOTE: Even though you know how to relieve back pain quickly, this is just TEMPORARY relief. You still need to address the cause of your pain.

Pregnancy Back Pain

The technique listed above should be done with care, especially if you have pregnancy back pain.
While pregnant you release certain hormones that relax ligaments and tendons. In the early stages of pregnancy these techniques work well.
In the later stages though, you are best to use the gentler techniques and acupressure for your pregnancy back pain.
Please err on the side of caution if you are pregnant.
But also remember, back pain while pregnant is not normal – it is common, just not normal.
So you should still look to rebalance your spine, to make sure the remainder of your pregnancy is pain free, but also for those all important first weeks of being a new mother.

To Conclude … & FAQ’s

Please enjoy my site, there is plenty of information on a range of back pain topics. I do recommend you join our newsletter so I can send you tips and techniques to help your pain.
Sure I have a program I recommend too … but first I’d like to gain your trust. So you know the information I have is right for you.
Below is some of the questions readers ask me, so I though I’d answer them here for you.
What about upper back pain relief? – you mention low back a lot
Yes although I mention low back pain a lot on the site, upper back issues are common too.
However, your low back and pelvis are like the foundations to a house. You need to address these even if you only have upper back pain. If not then pain is unlikely to disappear long-term.
But please read the many articles we have on upper back pain in the site.
How quick is low back pain relief?
This is like the proverbial – how long is a piece of string. Relief occurs quickest when you decide to fix pain as early as possible.
Those who wait weeks, months or longer to address their pain will obviously respond slower.
For many people however, relief can occur within the day if you use good symptom relief techniques. You can literally turn off pain signals…
Please note however – you should always address the underlying factors even if pain disappears within that first day.
Should relief for back pain include changes in lifestyle?
Simply put – no.
You should be able to do any activity you wish. Being told to stop playing sport, or to change how you eat will not fix the underlying cause.
Life is meant to be enjoyed. Back pain stops your enjoyment and once you address the factors causing it, your lifestyle can be how you like.
Why is relief from back pain just temporary?
Temporary relief is usually due to the fact that some of the causes remain. This is why I teach a comprehensive approach so that you deal with muscles, joints, reflexes and other causes.
Simply stretching or exercising will only mean temporary relief. You must fix everything, but this doesn’t mean it takes hours in your day either.
Is relief of back pain lasting?
As I stated above, yes.
As long as you address every cause. As you age you should be able to live a life free from pain.
But to do this you must learn simple ways to make sure your spine stays in balance. This only takes a few minutes each month to achieve and as a result pain relief will last a lifetime.
Can you help with chronic back pain relief?
In fact chronic back pain and short term pain are no different. All that has changed is that your body has formed a habit of being in pain.
To change this you must instill new positive habits (not lifestyle changes) and then reinforce them.
This is why self-help programs work well. It takes 31 days to form a habit. It is easy to perform techniques daily and develop these new body habits.
It’s almost impossible to see a practitioner every day for a month. So treatment won’t necessarily form these new habits needed to break the chronic nature of your pain.
Which is the best lower back pain treatment?
Simply put – the one that works.
What works for you won’t always work for the next person. This is why it is best to have numerous techniques to use.
Then you have techniques that will work for everyone. The best treatment is ALWAYS a personal approach, and that is why with my program I pride myself on offering personal support.
That way I can help you find the best treatment for you personally.
Are there lower back pain remedies I can use?
There are many remedies you can make at home or purchase from your local health food store.
Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and many other minerals helps. There are foods that are higher in these elements that you can eat at home.
But as for specific remedies, then your local health store will have specific herbs, homeopathics and supplements that can help.
Can you relieve lower back pain with inversion?
Inversion is a great tool to use to ease pain. However it fits into the symptom relief category as it won’t fix the underlying causes.
You can simply invert yourself though without buying expensive tables too.
A plank of wood and the end of a sofa can do just as well as an expensive inversion table.
What exercises for lower back pain do you recommend?
Exercises that help fix pain should cover both muscles and joints. If all you do is target the muscle you will miss a good portion of the cause.
Exercises should aim to both stretch and strengthen an area also. So you will need to incorporate a few reflexes to make sure you cover these.
And exercise shouldn’t cause pain. The “no pain – no gain” ethos is outdated and harmful, so please only exercise to ease pain not cause it.
What are the bad lower back pain exercises?
As I said above – exercises that cause pain.
You can also add exercises that place undue strain on your spine. This includes certain sit-ups and other exercises.
If you are planning to exercise to ease pain then make sure you use corrective exercises. If you plan to simply do gym based exercises then make sure you use a good back pain relief program first.
I’ve tried exercises for back pain, and no help. What now?
If you have been exercising and still have pain, then it means you are not targeting the right areas or not targeting them correctly.
Remember – muscles are only part of the cause. Most exercises only target the muscular system.
They will not correct joint imbalances, or change reflexes that have been unsettled. Long term relief for back pain only occurs when you target muscles, joints and reflexes.
Which low back pain exercises should I avoid?
Once pain has gone, you can perform any exercise. However many people simply love sit-ups.
The traditional sit-up where you come up to your knees places incredible strain on your lower back.
Rather than performing these, there are many forms of crunches you can do without placing strain on your low back. So please use these instead.
Can you make home remedies for back pain?
Personally I would go to your local health store. They are experts in many remedies and can find one that works well.
Some people like to make remedies at home with herbs and various other elements. But I believe it is best to leave it to the experts – those who know what is best to use.
Which lower back pain stretches are best?
You should stretch only the muscle that is tight. Many people will stretch every muscle in their lower back.
However imbalances mean that one side may be tight and the other not. So it is best just to stretch the muscle that is tight.
The same applies to the type of stretches you use. The standard stretch is ineffective for back pain. You need to use specialized stretches that work more effectively.
This is why I teach a unique form of stretching to my clients.
What causes back pain during pregnancy?
Early pregnancy back pain can be due to hormonal changes. Pan later in pregnancy can be from the shift in gravity as your baby grows.
However – back pain is NOT normal and means there is imbalances present. These have most likely been present even before you became pregnant.
They just show more commonly as a few changes occur. Still very simple to fix even while pregnant.
What is left back pain?
Left sided back pain is usually your Sacro-Iliac joint. This joint has no disc and is used in all the activities you do, hence relatively easy to unsettle.
It is also indicative of your pelvis being out of balance. These are both very common but also commonly mistreated.
There is a very simple reflex to address this and a couple of joint techniques too that can ease pain most times within a day or two.
Is lower left back pain common?
It sounds strange but left low back pain is more common that right low back pain. On the flip side upper back pain is more common on the right than the left.
It may be due to being right handed but there are no studies I know that have looked into why it occurs. From a personal perspective I still see this even if you are left or right handed.
What are the best stretches for back pain?
The best stretches are those that target the muscles that are causing your pain.
Generic stretches simply don’t work. You need a more personal approach. Once you know which specific imbalance you have, then you know which muscles to target.
The results of back pain relief are poor as people use the generic type exercises hoping to get relief. Your situation is unique to you – which is why you need a personal approach.
Are there quick exercises to relieve back pain?
Acupressure can relieve pain quickly, as can certain stretches, reflexes and even certain remedies.
Many times as fast as medication, but without the side-effects and if you use the right exercises you are also targeting the cause at the same time.
Most exercises also only take a few minutes to perform, so you can use them quickly and see results fast also.
What are the best long term cures for back pain?
The best long term cures are those that prevent back pain.
Sure you still need to address your pain now, however long term prevention is easier than cure.
This is achieved by learning how to check for imbalances in your spine. Then knowing how to target these to restore balance.
Then you can remain pain free, enjoying life and all it has to offer.
Can you offer any back pain help?
Yes, this site has many articles on back pain and the many issues around it.
I also have my program which remains the most effective solution for back pain and sciatica. There are links to it on the site and on the right side column of the site.
I encourage you to correct your pain today, as then tomorrow you can live life free of pain. So simply start by clicking any of those links and reading more about how you can learn to Become and Stay pain free.