Why Did My Back Pain Start? I Had No Injury!


You may not know, but there are more people suffering with back pain that never had a fall, injury or anything traumatic happen to their spine.

causes of back pain

Most back pain is NEVER caused by a specific injury

For those who have never suffered with pain, the assumption is you need some trauma to cause muscles or joints to become painful.

However, in most cases this is not the fact.

The majority of people, who have back pain, develop it over time. It is the accumulation of many small injuries that never cause back pain, but allow imbalances to develop in your spine.

With time these imbalances cause muscles and joints to tire, so that your normal daily activity one day create pain.

And …

It doesn’t need to be a physical activity either.

Back pain causes can include such things as fatigue, stress, digestive issues, immune issues and many others.

As soon as imbalances form, anything that asks your body to work harder will make these imbalances increase, leading to back pain after some innocuous activity.

So if you suddenly find yourself in pain, and are asking yourself …

“Why did I get back pain without an injury?”

You now know why.

The solution is therefore not to look at the physical aspects only. You must remove the imbalances, calm any muscle tightness or weakness, improve joint function … and it is best to boost your overall health and well being to make sure all the causes of back pain have eased.

This may sound time consuming and somewhat laborious.

But the truth is, it only needs a few minutes of time each day until the imbalances are removed. Then a few minutes each week to continually build strength in your spine and overall health.

Using a combination of techniques you can achieve this without any problem at all.

If you’d like to learn how to achieve this, simply click the link below to learn more…


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