When Should You Stretch For Back Pain?


Everyone knows that stretching is great for back pain, sure it is not the only thing you need to do to remove your pain completely, but it is still the easiest to use.

But when should you stretch?

Most of us today sit at desks, stand still behind a counter, or have occupations that are relatively inactive.

Being inactive allows muscles to tighten, as they are not moved regularly. You may feel stiff and sore as you try to get out of your chair, or as you walk away from your desk.

Inactivity will allow both muscles and joints to stiffen, especially if there are a few imbalances present in your spine.

The cause doesn’t relate to the activity you are doing, if it did, everyone in your workspace would have identical back pain issues. But they don’t…

Some have spine working well and suffer with no stiffness or pain, no matter how long they stand or sit.

Others with spinal imbalances find it takes minimal time before they feel stiff and sore.

So the best time to stretch is …


stretches for back pain at work

The best time is NOW to stretch … even at work!

Even if you are reading this sitting at your desk you can perform a few simple stretches to help ease tension. Roll your shoulders, turn your head from shoulder to shoulder, bring your chin to your chest, and straighten out your legs.

Simple activities done regularly will help prevent back pain from building and reduce tension from the inactivity.

It is the small things you do on a regular basis that make the biggest changes.

Stretching often during the day can help prevent back pain, but you should always look to remove the underlying cause. Which are the imbalances present in your spine.

First you need to identify these imbalances, then use both muscle and joint techniques to eliminate the imbalance.

If you’d like to learn how to detect your imbalance, at home, free of charge, simply click the link below…


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