What Causes Lower Left Back Pain


Whether it is lower left back pain or lower right back pain, the causes remain the same.

In fact ALL back pain is created by a few issues, it is seldom just one cause but an accumulation of many small factors over a period of time.

si joint pain

Sacro-iliac joint pain is the most common cause

Lower left back pain is pain that is situated around what is called the Sacro-Iliac joint. The joint is used in all activity from lifting your leg, turning in bed, bending to carry an object and basically is the first joint to move in all activity.

Lower right back pain is identical, but simply on the right side of the body.

When the Sacro-Iliac joint tightens, the muscles in the low back will work harder than they should, they tire and muscle spasm can develop.

But as I said, the cause of ALL back pain is from a few factors which are…

Joint Imbalance

When joints fail to move freely they will build in tension. The joint slows in movement and can become almost sticky. However the main joint imbalance is around the pelvis.

There are four types of imbalance that can occur here, it is possible to get a combination of two of these.

Once the pelvis is out of balance, it will cause stress throughout the spine, and cause muscles to work incorrectly.

Muscles are designed to pull in straight lines, which give them their greatest power. However once the pelvis twists from the imbalance, muscles are forced to pull on an angle … losing power, strength and even flexibility.

With time, this creates …

Muscle Imbalances

Muscle imbalances are where you can have one muscles that is in a tightened state and another elsewhere as a results is placed in a weakened state … think of a see-saw … one side goes up while the opposite side goes down.

Muscles work the same, where one muscle is tightened and another weakened.

In most back pain cases, there are multiple muscle imbalances present, and the problems can be even more involved.

Muscles can be the initial cause due to over work, injury or day to day accumulation of stress. The muscles become out of balance, which then forces joints to move incorrectly, which in time creates joint imbalances.

And with both muscle and joint imbalances, a common phenomena develops …

Trigger Points

trigger points and lower left back pain

Trigger points can refer to the lower back

These are localised areas of muscle spasm that can refer pain and even cause local joint stiffness.

These trigger points are common in muscles that support the spine, and occur as the foundation areas become out of balance.

With lower left back pain, the Sacro-Iliac joint is out of balance, you will have the supporting muscles out of balance and even trigger points present that can create the lower left back pain, and sometimes refer to create even lower right back pain.

The solution to this is simple, first you must identify exactly what imbalance you have. From there you will know which muscles to target, where trigger points are located and know what you must do to restore joint balance.

So, the first step in removing lower left back pain is to find these imbalances. Simply click the link below to learn how you can do this simply in just a minute or two … and free of charge.



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  • September 12, 2013, 5:05 pm

    Lower back pain is caused by a variety of injuries and conditions, Preventing back pain is easier than treating it.

    • September 19, 2013, 1:14 am

      Yes lower back pain can also be caused by stress, fatigue, referral from organ dysfunction, muscle and joint issues, trigger points and more. Prevention is always easier than cure, which is why I teach my clients how to assess their spine for balance and simple ways to maintain balance once you have it. Thanks for your input and please enjoy the site.

      Talk soon
      Dr Graeme Teague