Trigger Points and Your Back Pain

No matter where your back or neck pain is, Trigger Points can be part of the cause. In fact research has shown that almost 75% of your pain may be due to these.
This web page is written to help you understand more about these points and how you use trigger point therapy to help get relief at home.
So to start …


What Are Trigger Points and Their Cause?

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Trigger Points are small localized areas of spasm

Classified as “small localized muscle spasm”, where a few fibers of a muscle can tighten. The points can be active or latent.
Active points refer pain; the site of the actual trigger point is remote to where the pain is located. This is why many people miss treating these points, as you believe the problem lies where the pain resides.
Active points are a common cause of headaches, arm pain and even sciatic pains.
Latent points are even less noticeable. They don’t cause much pain if any pain at all. However they will cause joint stiffness to the joints closest to them.
Trigger points develop as the muscle tires and spasms can occur. Once a trigger point develops it can affect both the muscle and joints in the area, which leads to more muscular tiredness and hence either more trigger points or increasing the severity of the existing points.


How Do You Detect These Points?

trigger point map

Trigger Point Map to locate area of pain

Although you can feel these points when you massage around the area, the easiest way to is to use Trigger Point Maps.
Each muscle in your body has certain locations where these points develop. Most muscles it is in the belly of the muscle, but they can develop in multiple sites or sites close to the tendons.
However, each muscle will cause a certain referral pattern, so that you can identify which muscle has a trigger point by the area of pain created.
Once you know which muscle is causing your pain, you can then see where the trigger point is likely to reside and treat using trigger point release.

Can You Treat Trigger Points at Home?

In fact the best way to treat these points is to use self-help techniques.
There are many gimmicky apparatus’ available, where you lie on boards or other contraptions.
The most effective treatment is self treatment, as stated by Dr Travell and Dr Simons. Dr Simons was quoted as saying
[quote picture=”” name=”Dr Janet Travell” align=”right”]”There is no substitute for learning to control your own musculoskeletal pain. Treating myofascial trigger points yourself addresses the source of that kind of common pain and is not just a way of temporarily relieving it.”[/quote]

The simplest way to treat these points is to first identify where the trigger point is, then use what is called trigger point release.
This is where you place pressure on the point to break it down, then you need to stretch the muscle and use some simple acupressure technique to prevent them reforming.
If points are chronic, or do return then it is advisable to supplement to help restore balance to the muscle.

Watch Out For These Mistakes

The most common mistake is thinking that Trigger Points alone cause all your pain.
Although they are shown to cause most of your pain, the reason why they develop still needs addressing.
These points develop as your muscles and joints become out of balance. So to make sure you remove both the points and their cause the first step is identifying the imbalances present in your spine.
This step is so vital we teach it to all our readers free of charge. Then no matter which program you decide to use to help remove your pain, you have a skill to detect the cause and to monitor your progress.
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Once you have found out which imbalance you have, the next step is removing pain.
Again, a common mistake made is just using pressure to release the trigger point. Pressing on the point will help to ease pain quickly. However to make sure you remove the entire point you must stretch the muscle and strengthen the muscle at the same time.
Muscle imbalance is why these points develop. Muscle imbalance is a combination of both tiredness and tension in the muscle. So to remove the trigger points you need to correct both.
And finally you must use acupressure to help restore balance to the area. Acupressure will help not just with trigger point release, but will help restore balance to the entire structural system.
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Trigger point therapy is a simple process and one used more and more as both practitioners and the public realize the importance of trigger points and your pain.
The beauty of self-help techniques is that you can learn to remove pain at home, safely and easily.
But many people only attack the symptoms and not the cause. You must treat both; otherwise pain relief is short lived.
If you’d like to learn more about how to detect your imbalance and the simple steps to remove not only trigger points but all the causes of your pain, simply click the link below.