Trigger Point Release

How To Remove Pain In Just Seconds …
No Pills, No Doctors, No Effort

Finding a long lasting solution to back or neck pain can be at times a fruitless search. It becomes totally frustrating as you try numerous techniques only to find you are still left dealing with your back pain.
My name is Graeme Teague, and I’ve been treating thousands of others like you with all types of back and neck pain since 1991. In all that time I’ve looked to find the quickest and best ways to remove pain long term. Why?
Because I know pain affects your life in more ways than one – your work productivity is lowered, you cannot enjoy all the activities of family life, sports and leisure pursuits are reduced or given up altogether.
Over the years I have found certain techniques that work almost miracles at reducing pain levels. These are seldom used or even known about in the established structural professions. And there is a little known treatment I want to tell you about that can ease your pain quickly, without the need of medication, a doctor’s visit or any effort at all.

A Little Know Cause of Back Pain

It is very common for you to notice that your muscles are tight and knotted when you have pain. This can happen in your back or neck, and even your arms and legs.
You can feel this tightness as you rub the area and the muscles are as tight as a drum. You may even have noted unusual events such as pain referring elsewhere when you rub those same muscles. If so you have discovered a little known cause of pain that many doctors miss.
Dr Janet Travell discovered the same, she did extensive research into muscle tender spots and how they referred pain, calling these trigger points. She was the actual physician that treated President Kennedy, who suffered severe back pain.
Through her research with Dr Simons, they found that these points were present in almost everyone who suffered with back or neck pain. They concluded that they were a primary cause of pain in almost 75% of cases.
Trigger points can develop for many reasons, from direct injuries to the muscle, or even after prolonged postures while you work. They can even occur from nutritional imbalances, emotional stresses, poor health, over work, sports and leisure activities and general life.

The Trigger Point Cycle

There are two main types of points, active and latent. Latent trigger points go almost unnoticed as they are not felt unless you rub directly on the point itself. However they will cause stiffness and tightness of the joints closest to them.
Active points will refer pain away from the point itself. So you may feel pain in your thigh, yet the trigger point could be in the muscles of your lower back. The same applies to headaches, arms pain and even pains felt around your spine.
Once these trigger points form, they prevent your muscles from functioning correctly, which with time will tire the muscle and lead to the development of more trigger points in the muscle or elsewhere.
It becomes the proverbial vicious cycle as muscles tire and tighten which then pull your spine out of alignment creating more strain on your muscles … leading to more trigger points and pain throughout your structural system. This is why you will have more than one trigger point when pain occurs.

Why Have I Not Heard Of These Before?

Even though the research into trigger points is well known, it is still not taught by many schools dealing in the structural fields. Nobody really knows where this type of treatment lies – is it massage related, Acupressure, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy?
Part of the confusion for practitioners is that trigger points refer pain. Unless you know which patterns goes with which point, the diagnosis of your pain can be at times difficult or confusing. Treatment of trigger points is also commonly thought of as being along the lines of Acupressure, when in fact these points are easily released.
The final problem with trigger points is that the most effective treatment is self treatment, as stated by Dr Travell and Dr Simons. Dr Simons was quoted as saying – “There is no substitute for learning to control your own musculoskeletal pain. Treating myofascial trigger points yourself addresses the source of that kind of common pain and is not just a way of temporarily relieving it.”
So teaching patients to help remove their own pain is not a common concept in any profession. Yet trigger points are best treated by you at home, simply without needing any fancy equipment, medication or visits to your doctor.

How Do You Know If You Have Trigger Points?

Basically, if you have pain you have trigger points. Sure you may have them to a greater or lesser degree, depending on the severity or type of pain you have, but almost everyone has them.
As they can be of various sizes, detection is not always easy. Unless you compress the point directly you may not see evidence of them. In a massage you will notice certain points that are intensely painful and will refer pain – these are trigger points.
For the patient at home, trigger point mapping is the best and quickest way of finding these. Dr Travell and Simons discovered that the trigger point in a muscle has a definite referral pattern.
A trigger point in your hamstring will create a different area of pain as compared with a trigger point in your Gluteals. Once you know the exact location it is very easy to palpate the area and feel the point, rather than searching throughout the muscle.

What Is The Best Treatment For Trigger Points?

As Dr Simons said, the best treatment is self treatment. Trigger points are released by using sustained pressure on the point for 20-30 seconds. Then releasing the pressure and repeating.
This is why many practitioners do not treat trigger points. If you have a few points the entire treatment session is filled with dealing with these alone.
Over the years there have been many attempts at finding an apparatus that will easily release the trigger point. But as everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, and as the points are small, if you are only a centimeter or more away from the point you will do very little.
Most trigger point devices therefore miss the trigger point and hence they either fail to release or return again soon. This is why self treatment using a time proven method still works best, Dr Travell and Simons stated that you need sustained pressure to release these points – only you can achieve this.
Trigger point mapping is still therefore the best and easiest way to find and treat these points. There is no need to buy expensive equipment, when you can use a tennis ball and your body weight on the point to release them easily.
Again it is the consistency of treatment that is the key to releasing trigger points.

Do Trigger Points Return?

Trigger points for most are chronic and habitual, which means releasing the trigger point requires more than just placing pressure on the point. Most of you will need to use added techniques to stretch the muscle, to reset the fiber length of the muscle and to support the removal of the trigger points.
Even nutritional support is needed for those with long standing trigger point issues.
This is why Trigger Point Release should be used in conjunction with other techniques to rebalance your spine. Releasing trigger point scan give you almost instant pain relief, but they will not rebalance the muscle and joint imbalances that are part of your back pain problems.
At the Back Pain Advisory we do not separate techniques, it is our philosophy to give you all you need to remove pain, not just stretches or exercises, but a complete back pain relief program. There is no value in giving you only half the information.
This is why you get the Trigger Point Release manual FREE when you try our X-Pain Method. Then you are guaranteed to have all the tools necessary to remove your pain, not just short term, but long lasting results.

The Most Common Trigger Points In Back and Neck Pain

So now you know that you most likely have Trigger Points, then next obvious thing is to know what to do to remove them.
As I said above, Trigger Point Mapping is used to locate where trigger points lie. It is still the most effective method for locating these irritations. They are usually in the muscles that are working hardest … those muscles forced to work harder due to the Spinal Imbalances present.
For lower back pain and sciatica, the more common muscles to have trigger points are your Quadratus lumborum, Erector Spinae and Gluteal muscles. In fact the gluteal group, including the Piriformis are the most common that cause sciatica referred pain.
For those suffering with upper back or neck pain, you only need to look at the muscles people love to rub when you are stressed. The Upper Trapezius, Levator Scapulae and Rhomboid muscles are the common source of trigger points that can refer to the head and neck areas.
Trigger points are common, and you can have many muscles holding tension and allowing trigger points to develop. This is why this is an essential technique to use in ALL back and neck pain conditions. This is also why Trigger Point Release is an integral part of the X-Pain Method.

Trigger Point Release – “instant pain relief”

This amazing little eBook is only 23 pages in length but is still the most simple yet powerful way to release trigger points. Remember, trigger points can cause almost 75% of your actual pain. Release these and you will get instant pain relief.
Inside you will learn:
redarrowThe most COMMON locations of the trigger points causing your pain. No more searching and hoping to find the right areas. Target them quickly to get instant relief
redarrowThe Quickest Way to Release trigger Points – learn to remove these points simply and quickly, and also how to make sure they never bother you again.
redarrowA Simple Acupressure technique that helps to stop trigger points no matter where they are, no matter how many you have. This can save you hours of time finding and removing trigger points.
redarrowDetailed Drawings of the essential trigger points and their pain patterns. You can easily and quickly pinpoint exactly where your pain is and which point is causing it.
This is a free bonus we offer with the X-Pain Method as I believe in giving you the full story behind removing back pain long term. No up sell, no hype, just the essential ways to remove your pain.
The X-Pain Method remains the webs most comprehensive and effective back pain program … ever!

Introducing the X-Pain Method!

xpainlargeThe same techniques that have helped thousands of back pain sufferers to permanently get rid of their pain are now available to you.
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Here Are The Exact Tools You Will Use To End Your Pain … Permanently!


Component #1: The X-Pain Method

This 114 page manual takes you by the hand and guides you through the simple 3-Step-System to get long lasting relief from all pain.
In the first step you begin with the self-assessment techniques to detect which pattern of distortion you have. But don’t worry if you think this is difficult, we have an easy solution … more on that soon.
Once you know which imbalances are present, the second step guides you to literally turn off the pain signals and ease your pain quickly. Remember reducing or eliminating pain helps you heal faster.
The third step is easy and the most exciting!
You are guided through the simple techniques to correct muscle and joint imbalances. You will learn how to release reflexes that keep you in pain. Acupressure techniques that speed your healing, reduce tension, balance joints and boost your overall health.
In just a few minutes each day you can regain the balance and strength your spine needs to maintain a healthy state… just taking a few minutes each day!
Finally you are taught the simplest way to maintain your spine long term. There is no point becoming pain free only to let things slip again… best of all … you only need a few minutes each month to stay pain free and healthy.
Component #2 Video Demonstrations of the X-Pain Method

To make sure you understand each step, you can view (or download) 10 simple videos demonstrating each of the vital steps.
You can watch a demonstration of the simplest way to self adjust an individual joint … to the most effective way to stretch to rebalance your muscles.
These can be watched online or downloaded to be viewed on your PC for those with slower internet speeds.
Component #3 Unlimited ‘LIFETIME’ Support
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“Wow! Customer service and someone that actually cares enough to reply.”

Wow! Customer service and someone that actually cares enough to reply. It’s hard to know when there is so much info on the internet. I really appreciate you getting back to me and so quickly.

Thank you so much Graeme. I will get busy and read more of the information as I did print it all out.

Cheers and a Very Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Bruce Duncan
Vancouver, Canada

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“…If only more doctors were service driven rather than money driven.”

Dr. Teague: I have really profited from your book. It is the only solution that allows me to address muscle and back pain in my own home at my convenience. Your methods are practical and effective.

Thank you for teaching people to adjust lifestyle and deal with the aging of these bodies without drugs. That alone is therapeutic.

In addition, I’m very grateful that you are not just in this for the money. If only more doctors were service driven rather than money driven.

Cecelia Fisher, Garland, Texas, U.S.A

“…The best few quid I have spend in a long long time!”

Hi Graeme

Just to let you know I have been using your quick start tips over the last two weeks and the results have been excellent. I now have no pain most of the time with only minor tinges and pain, a major improvement and this is only week three.

I should probably explain I am a 35 years old, Computer consultant, who tries to surf and mountain bike when possible. I had a fall a few years ago (5) and I reckon I knocked my pelvis out of alignment, and twisted my ankle. I had ankle and lower back/hip pain on one side, I always had pain in my lower back and mid back after standing/ running for a period of time, plus numbness or tingling on the underside of my heal as well as pains down my inside leg.

Many thanks for your help, also on another note my IBS seems to have virtually disappeared as well not sure if this is also a nice side effect of the same.

Anyway in summary, the best few quid I have spend in a long long time.

John Doyle Whitestown, Ireland

“…within 2 mins the pain was only minor…”

I was in severe pain for the last 2 days and researching my symptoms over the net I discovered my condition is most probably sciatica (I have also made an appointment with a doctor but I cant get in straight away).

I tried one of your stretching techniques and this helped my pain ease 10 fold instantly! I could hardly walk or change from a sitting or standing position and within 2 mins the pain was only minor.

I just wanted to thank you for making your expertise in this field so easily accessible to look up and inform people and making my life bearable…

Dion, Australia

“…impressed by the various techniques incorporated into the system”

Hi Graeme:

Thanks for the reply. Really good to see your dedication and service.

I am impressed by the various techniques that you have incorporated into the system. Being an Indian, seeing the Mudra was interesting.

I started my first session yesterday with the quick start and added some acupressure techniques. I have already seen my body relaxing and pain subsiding. I cannot imaging the benefits I can have in the long term.

Suhit, U.K

“I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t tried it!”

I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t tried it! … eliminated a pain in my lower right back that had been nagging me for months. None of those other quick-fix or exercise methods did any good.

Terry Marshall, United States

“Your advice…really works for those in need.”

Thank you very much for helping me get rid of my back pain on your e-course.

After completing your e-course I realised that my back pain happened for one of the reasons you have mentioned – muscle imbalance.

The reason for this was that from 2002-2005 I was a martial arts student. Unfortunately I got a job which I often do sitting and which made me stop my sport. The only thing I’m doing now as sport is riding my bicycle to my work place.

After reading your advice, I realised that my bicycle and sitting down in my job brought on the muscle imbalance that caused my problem.

I will keep using your advice…it really works for those in need.

Chuol Nyak Tongyik, Ethiopia

“…I’ve well and truly had my money’s worth, and probably saved on a consult with a physio.”

Thank you for your marvelous material on The X-Pain Method. I downloaded your info on Sunday evening and slept soundly without any pain all night and since.

I’m beginning to realise that I haven’t really given much time to preventative exercise. And at about $30 Australian, (and this was only the X-Pain Method 1.0) I’ve well and truly had my money’s worth, and probably saved on a consult with a physio.

I enjoyed all your information and must get reading some more. I appreciated how you didn’t rule out surgery etc for those who need it.

Chris Castle, Australia

“…I wish you were here…”

Dr Teague you are great, you always answer my emails in detail very quickly….I read your e-book over and over and always learn something new that I missed…. The neck exercises and points seem to be helping my neck issue…

I wish you were here…

Thanks for what you do!

Brenda, U.S.A

“I am delightfully unaware of pain and functioning in a painless manner”

I am happy to report that the techniques recommended by you in the X-Pain program have given me a great deal of relief. My entire back has loosened up considerably, there is no more edgy, achy feeling from my tailbone to my right SI, and I am delightfully unaware of pain and functioning in a painless manner. I have also resumed a low level of activity.

I am doing the Sacro-Occipital adjustment techniques daily, stretching a couple of times a day, and regularly stimulating the acupressure points you recommended. I will focus daily on this regimen even now I am free of pain.

Thank you so much for your recommendation and efforts.

Michael Nunn, USA

“It is so nice to see such a COMPLETE program on every possible level.”

I must tell you – your program is amazing and offers so many solutions. It is so nice to see such a COMPLETE program on every possible level. You have put your heart and soul into educating the masses and sharing every opportunity to help us find freedom from pain.

Candice, Houston, Texas USA

“WOW, so much info, I love it!!!”

Thank you for sharing your knowledge!! I’m a 60 year old massage therapist in AZ, USA. I just love doing my work, but was starting to have mid thoracic back pain after my 2nd or 3rd client of the day. I was looking on the internet for answers and came upon your X-Pain Method.

I ordered the ebook and have read and started using the blocks, tennis balls (the whole quick start method). Also the pec and QL stretches, working with the 36 breathes also. WOW, so much info, I love it!!! Also have been waking up with headaches a few times a month, this morning I used the headache sequence technique and IT WORKED.

OK, I’m impressed and am looking forward to using more of your methods and helping some of my clients with their back pain.

Jan, USA

“…back pain went away in 7 days!”

My back pain went away in 7 days using just the preliminary method. Once in a while it comes back but not too severe but I can get it to go away almost right away using your methods.

Walter Hayashida, United States

“…first time in several years I have not had pain…”

Your X-Pain Method book has been really helpful. For the first time in several years I have not had pain in my upper and lower back for several weeks now. I have not been able to try all the techniques, but I have done the essential ones and they have really helped.

Ignacio Villalobos, Canada

“…a lot of “back pain” doctors would be out of work!”

If Dr Graeme Teague books would be released worldwide, a lot of “back pain” doctors would be out of work! Many thanks to Dr Graeme Teague for helping me out with my back pain woes.

Zev Saftlas, United States

“This truly is money well spent!”

I have been suffering with, at times, quite severe lower back and neck pain since I damaged it way back in ’84.

Ever since then I’ve relied heavily on osteopaths, physiotherapists and most recently chiropractors. I have to say, I have been very happy with my latest chiropractor – he’s the best I’ve ever had – but the big problem for me is that I travel a lot and often to places in third world countries where there simply aren’t any capable people to help when I overdo things.

Many a time I’ve had to cut short a paragliding trip because I couldn’t “get my back cracked” I stumbled across Graeme Teague’s site one day when browsing the web and decided to try the X-Pain Method.

This truly is money well spent. Graeme explodes and exposes the many myths and “insider secrets” regarding Chiropractic treatment. I still occasionally visit my Chiropractor here but only for severe problems which, I have to say, occur less and less these days after adopting the simple practices set out in the method.

And when I travel these days I feel more confident about being able to control my back problems and using Graeme’s methods as a maintenance routine. Now I never travel anywhere without tennis balls and training shoes!!

Chris Sowerby, Oman

“Your book has been the best thing that has ever happened to me with respect to my back.”

Your book has been the best thing that has ever happened to me with respect to my back. It gave me control back into my life; in many ways it gave me my life back. The structural damage in my back is too severe that surgery is required but I continue to do the exercises and acupressure which both I believe keeps lower the meds I need to take for pain.

I particularly like the acupressure and like that I can do it anywhere, any time. I will definitely continue acupressure immediately after my surgery to speed recovery and will begin the exercises as soon as I can. GREAT BOOK, GREAT ADVICE, GREAT HELP.

Myrna, Canada

“I am very happy to say that I am, for the most, totally part pain free!”

Just a quick note to say thank you for all of your hard work in putting together all of your comprehensive material. I bought your program, and I must say that it is extremely informative.

I was suffering for weeks with sciatica and I was about to go bonkers when I search the net and found you. I put the info to work immediately and I am very happy to say that I am, for the most, totally part pain free for the last two weeks. Still a little stiff at times in the hip area after sitting down for a length of time, but…I am back to working out along with other activities, and I am happy.

At 50 years old, even though I was in very good shape, I injured myself thinking I was 30, and an injury of this nature can be very scary when it last for weeks on end with little or no relief. Thank you, your techniques were invaluable, and I will continue to learn more of your techniques until I become a resident expert so-to-speak, and get to the point where I can be pain free for the rest of my life. Thanks again mate!

Dan Spychalski, USA

“…there is no pain and no problem playing football again”

Within a couple of days of trying these exercises, most of my sciatica pain was gone. Now several weeks later there is no pain and no problem playing football again.

Kev Doherty, United Kingdom

“…a wealth of information that really does work on a whole lot more then just back pain”

I want to thank you for all the care and concern you extend to all through your program. It is a wealth of information that really does work on a whole lot more then just back pain. I look forward to your future works and being completely back and shoulder pain free without surgery or drugs very soon. ,strong>You have given me hope back that God does answer prayers!

Scott Giorgio, United States


These are ALL real clients who have been using my techniques to get rid of back pain in less time.

If they can do it, there’s no reason you can’t as well!



Yes! I’d Like To Remove My Back Pain Completely For Just $47!