The New Cause of Sciatica – do you know what it is?


For many, many years you have been told that the cause of sciatica was either from how you lifted, a certain activity you performed or just because you are getting older.

If you’re lucky your practitioner may have expanded this into saying it is from some muscle tension, a disc bulge (research has shown this is an uncommon cause of sciatica) or even some lower back joints being out of alignment.

Now in fact, these may be the mechanisms that created your pain but they are not sciatica causes.

Knowing exactly what causes sciatica allows you to work out the best cure for sciatica, one that will last a lifetime.

So, what is …

The New Cause of Sciatica

Research has now proven that sciatica, and all back pain, is the result of many small traumas over a period of time. That the “one” activity you performed before pain arrived, was never severe enough to cause any pain at all.

imbalances are the cause of sciatica

Joint & Muscle Imbalances Cause Back Pain & Sciatica

This accumulation of these micro-traumas leads to your spine becoming out of balance.

The imbalance is both at a muscular and joint level. Your spine twists and distorts, which therefore causes extra stress on your muscles and joints. Why?

Every muscle and joint is designed to work in a straight line. If there is an imbalance a muscle has to work harder to perform its’ usually activity.

For example try lifting a weight in a bicep curl, then lift the same weight by turning your hand outwards, having your elbow away from your body … the weight feels ten times heavier.

The same occurs in your spine …

Your then “normal” daily activity places undue strain on your spine, each day this stress increases until … that final activity – the bending, lifting, twisting or just getting out of bed – causes you pain.

Understanding that your pain is not from just ONE muscle or joint, that it didn’t matter what activity you performed, helps you understand the steps to get a lasting cure for sciatica.

The Best Cure for Sciatica

To cure sciatica you therefore must identify which type of imbalance you have, as with each imbalance there are certain muscles and joints that need correcting.

These imbalances if left, can increase the compression force on your spine, which leads to disc bulges … something I’m sure you wish to avoid.

pelvic imbalance

4 Pelvic Imbalances cause ALL pain

There are four imbalances that can occur, and some people can have more than one imbalance present.

The best sciatica cure is therefore identifying which imbalance you have.

Once you know this you can target the right areas, but …

Knowing how to detect these imbalances gives you a skill that few others have.

You can use this detection to find the cause of sciatica, but you can use the same detection method to monitor your progress.

Many people stop using techniques or seeing practitioners as soon as pain eases.

Pain is just an alarm signal … no more … no less!

Knowing how to detect your imbalance means you can check to make sure your spine is in balance and not just pain free. That way you will know to either still consult with your practitioner or to keep using the self-help program you’ve decided to use.

This is why all lower back pain and sciatica relief starts with finding the cause, and this skill is VITAL to learn.

It is so vital that we teach all our readers this free of charge, that way no matter what program you follow you have the ability to know when you are in balance and not just pain free.

Simply click the link below now, to learn this skill of finding the cause of sciatica.


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