The Best Back Pain Exercises

When looking for back pain relief, many people turn to back pain exercises. From sit-ups, to back extensions, many different exercises are used.
However, there are certain exercises for back pain that are more beneficial and should be part of your routine. There are also others that can do more harm than good.
This article and video below will help you understand which exercises you should use if you plan to get lasting relief, and the best to use to detect strength in your spine and to help build ideal strength to prevent back pain.
But first …


Are Back Pain Exercises All I Need?

Many people look for that magic bullet, that one exercise or technique that will remove all your pain … and overnight too.
Sorry to break the bad news, but there is no one exercise or technique that will do this. The reason is that ALL back pain is created by imbalances in your spine … muscular and joint imbalances.
Therefore to correct these imbalances you must target both the muscles and the joints. Back pain exercises are great to help with PART of the muscle imbalances, but will not rebalance the other elements.

pelvic imbalance

4 Pelvic Imbalances cause ALL pain

In fact, the first step in all back pain relief is detecting these imbalances.
If you do not know which imbalance you have (there are 4 main imbalances that cause back pain and sciatica), then you will not know which areas to target to get relief.
This is why detecting imbalances is the only VITAL skill you should learn, and why we teach this to all our readers free of charge.
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Once you know which imbalance you have, you then will understand that you need to balance muscles by both stretching and strengthening muscles. You also need to rebalance your joints and especially your pelvis.
Exercises for back pain are still essential but only part of the process. But as I said above there are certain exercises that will benefit all those who suffer with back pain.


Which Exercises For Back Pain Are Best

Core Muscles Stabilize Your Spine

Core Muscles Stabilize Your Spine

The foundation of your spine is supported by what are called Core Muscles. These muscles give you the stability, strength and power to your spine.
If these muscles are weaker than they should be, back pain can occur.
But …

The Core Muscles are more for PREVENTING pain that removing it.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use these if pain exists, but if these exercises make your back pain increase or you feel these hard to perform, then you first need to rebalance your spine and then use these long term to help maintain a healthy spine.
If you want some tips to relieve back pain, or simple ways to get sciatica relief simply view our pages on these.

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But there is one exercise that you can use that will detect core strength, and you can use the same exercise to build core strength too.
It’s called the Plank and it is a commonly used exercise for back pain, but one that many people perform incorrectly.
With almost all core back pain exercises, your spine should remain in a neutral position. If you lift your buttocks to high or allow them to sink to low, you are not in a neutral position.
This is why breathing is an essential element for core exercises, abdominal hollowing should be the first exercise you use before doing any core work.
However, to perform the plank, all you do is get into a press-up position, with the balls of your feet on the floor, and rest your upper body on your elbows with arms flat and rested forward.
Then simply raise your buttocks until you get to a flat spine position, again your spine should be in a neutral position and your neck relaxed.
Then rest in this position for at least 60 seconds.
You can detect strength in your spine by seeing how long you can last in this position before you either let the neutral spine position drop, or you can’t perform this any longer.
30 seconds means poor core strength, 60 seconds is good, but 90 seconds should be what most people can perform if you have a good strong core. However this can differ depending on your age. As with all back pain exercises, please use caution if you are in pain, as pain eases you should be able to perform this for longer.
There is a brief video below that will demonstrate how to perform the Plank.

Back pain exercises are a vital tool for back pain relief, but please remember, they will only help with PART of the cause. The best back pain exercises combine ways to correct both the muscle and joint imbalances, otherwise relief is short lived.
ALL back pain is created by muscle and joint imbalances, and to get lasting relief you must address all of these. If you’d like to learn more about a simple system to do this, simply click the link below…