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The Report is very detailed, so please bookmark this page so you can come back to it at a later date to refresh your memory to use the techniques.
There is a video demonstration below to help you assess where you pain is coming from. Please read the text first as it gives you an understanding of why your pain developed and the simple steps to remove it.
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By Dr Graeme Teague, Specialist Chiropractor

B.Sc, B.App.Sc(Chiropractic), Cert.Hom
I’d actually like to start with a quote from Albert Einstein…
“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
The reason I start with this is that it also applies to back pain relief.
Most of you reading this have tried many other techniques before, seen numerous practitioners … yet remain suffering with back pain.
Here at the Back Pain Advisor, we work a little differently…
As Einstein said, insanity is doing the same things and expecting different outcomes.
I’m not going to show you some stretch or exercise that you’ve seen before … add some minor spin to it … and then try to say it is some miracle cure.
I plan to show you some different methods … and different conclusions on why your back pain has developed …
… and why it has either repeated or failed to leave after using many simple stretches and exercises you no doubt have tried.
And …
I believe in giving immense value with no strings attached. Why?
Finding a lasting solution requires something from you …
It requires TRUST.
You are potentially placing your health in my hands, it’s a big responsibility and you obviously want to know if you can trust me … and what I have to offer.
To start building your trust I thought I’d do two things for you right now…
Show you that I know what I’m talking about (demonstrating a couple of techniques below) and to introduce myself … so you know my background.
I’m Dr Graeme Teague, a Specialist Chiropractor and I’ve been in private practice since 1991. You can click the link here to read more about me, but briefly …
I combine a few natural techniques together to create an effective solution for back pain and sciatica. It is a combination of structural work including muscle and joint balancing, acupressure, reflex therapy and good advice.
Very effective … very simple … great results … and quick to see them!
I’ve specialized in difficult and chronic back pain for over two decades … and I’d like to help you to remove your pain. But it takes a small shift in your mindset …
ALL back pain is caused by a combination of factors … not just muscles … not even joints.
There a few factors you probably have never considered … and some even your practitioner has never looked at.
This free report will help you understand why your pain has developed and the simple steps to eliminate it … now and long term!
So let’s start the process …

What Is The TRUE Cause Of Your Pain?

To understand this I need to discuss something from your past …
When you were born, many years ago, you were protected by certain reflexes.
babygraspYou may or may not have heard of these … the startle reflex, the grasp reflex, withdrawl reflex and many others.
For example if someone pretends to throw something at your head … you blink and get a fright. Nothing huge, but you protect yourself.
When you stand on a sharp object you reflexively contract muscles to get off the object with lightning speed.
As a child you relied on these to keep you safe and alive.
With pain and even stress, certain reflexes become activated, and unless they turn off (down regulated) they allow tension to develop in your muscles and joints.
Again, an example is, when you suddenly experience pain, you also commonly inhale sharply. This can lead to diaphragm tightness …
Diaphragm tightness can overload your lower back, cause upper back tension, restrict your rib cage, prevent you from breathing freely … which can cause as many general health issues as it does structural.
Hopefully you can understand …
Pain is NOT just a matter of a few tight muscles!
Here’s a list of the many causes of your pain:
* Muscle Imbalance – where you have both weak and tight muscles, plus an altered nerve or blood supply to the muscle.
* Joint Imbalances – where the entire spine twists and distorts, the pelvis changes position leading to compression stresses in the spine (these compression stresses can lead to disc issues in time)
* Trigger Points – these can be active or latent. Active points can refer pain away from the trigger point site. Latent points can cause joint stiffness.
* Retained Reflexes – reflexes as mentioned above that allow muscles and joints to tighten and become out of balance.
* Gait Reflexes – where the coordinated movement changes due to postural changes from other imbalances.
* Neuro-Lymphatic Reflexes – these help drain extra fluid from tight muscles, as well as stimulate the nerve and blood supply to the tired muscle (remember tired muscles = tight muscles).
There are also many general health issues, stress issues and other factors that can also lead to your pain.
Confused … Worried?
Don’t be.
It may sound very complex and almost impossible to get your head around how you can change all this.
However …
ALL of these can be corrected in just a few minutes of time.
The techniques I teach are designed to be easy, quick to use, effective and to get results fast.
They are effective because I cover all the bases …
I believe in giving IMMENSE VALUE!
There’s no point telling you only half the story … keeping techniques in reserve so you only remove some of your pain.
I believe in teaching you EVERYTHING you need to be pain free … and more!
All it takes is a small amount of time each day for a week or two until you have rebalanced your spine … think of it as a small investment for a lifetime of gain.
Once in balance … you simply reassess and correct any minor imbalance … use a couple of techniques that take about a few minutes to perform to help maintain a healthy spine …
that’s a few minutes a monthnot a day!
To start that process, it is best you know how to …

Find The Underlying Cause Of Back Pain

This technique relates to the muscle and joint imbalances (reflexes are even easier to assess and correct) …
There are four main distortion patterns that occur – knowing which pattern you have gives you the first step in long lasting back pain relief.
The only VITAL step in back pain relief is finding the cause!
The four patterns are:

Anterior Tilted Pelvis (ATP)
This is where your pelvis tilts forward at a greater angle.
The lumbar spine curve increases (sway back) and can cause compression in the lower spine.
This is detected by looking at your body from the side – a normal pelvic angle is approximately 30 degrees. An excessive angle increase (40 degrees) will indicate an ATP.


Posterior Tilted Pelvis (PTP)
Opposite to the ATP and the pelvis creates a flattened spine and reduced curves.
You lose some of the shock absorbing capability and the entire spine may lose flexibility.
The pelvic angle is reduced in a PTP – where you will see a shallow and sometimes flat angle. Anything less than 20 degrees is significant to determine a PTP.

These two patterns are also influenced by the primary rotational patterns of an LFP or RFP, these are always targeted first to reduce or eliminate the ATP or PTP patterns.


Left or Right Forward Pelvis (LFP or RFP)
This covers the other 2 patterns, where one side is tilted forward and the opposite side tilted backward. This creates a rotation or twisting in the spine and is the most common pattern of distortion.
This pattern is also the most common to create disc problems.
The twisting increases pressure on the spine leading to pressure on discs. Remove the twist and you remove the pressure … and the need for surgery.



How To Assess Which Distortion Pattern You Have

There are four main distortion patterns that occur. The easiest way to assess which pattern you have is by testing the flexibility in your muscles. Certain muscles when tight will pull on your pelvis and create the twisting type distortions.
In my studies and work as a licensed chiropractor, I’ve revealed 3 simple ways to detect these imbalances. Knowing which distortion pattern you have gives you the first step in long lasting back pain relief. Don’t worry if it sounds technical or complicated, it’s easy as reading a newspaper.
I’ll reveal them to you here in this letter.
Below is a video that demonstrates 2 of the very simple assessment techniques I’ve developed to help you find these imbalances. It only takes a few minutes to view the video and use these to work out exactly which imbalance you have.

The assessment shown in the video at times can be hard to see obvious changes.
Don’t worry …
Inside the X-Pain Program I will teach you a muscle based assessment that takes less than a minute to check, and is easier to see the imbalance present.
Failing that I personally can check your imbalances and let you know which you have. This step is important which is why I offer this free of charge.
Also below is a link to download a pdf of the assessment, it also has a couple of techniques you can use today to help ease some of your pain.
A free gift from me to you to again help build that TRUST and show you that these techniques work.
Simply right click the link and then save it on your desktop.
Free Assessment PLUS Pain Relief Technique
Finding the cause is essential …
Removing the cause is vital for long lasting relief…
But at the end of the day its my personal experience that …
…you just don’t have the willpower to fix the core problems that cause back pain unless you get some results with eliminating the pain itself first.
This is why showing you the most EFFECTIVE way to ease pain fast is best RIGHT NOW!
If you’d like to learn more, know how to become pain free simply click the little yellow button below…