Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief – how to ease nerve tension

Sciatic nerve pain relief requires more thought and attention than many people think. Sciatica is a form of lower back pain, but as soon as the nerve becomes involved there are a few extra techniques you must use if you wish to get lasting results.
This web page will outline the technique everyone who suffers with sciatica, must use to get relief.
For those of you who are unsure why sciatica is a complex issue, you first need to know more about the condition.

What is Sciatica?

sciatic nerve pain path

Sciatica can occur from irritation anywhere along its path

Sciatica as I said above is just a form of lower back pain. Your lower spine consists of 5 Lumbar vertebra, your sacrum (5 fused vertebra forming a wedge shaped bone) and your coccyx (tailbone).
From each of the joints exits a nerve called a nerve root. In the lower back, the nerve roots join to form a trunk of nerve called the sciatic nerve.
This nerve then travels through the buttock region down and then down your leg. The nerve supplies the entire leg right down to your toes.
The unusual thing is the sciatic nerve also runs either through or directly next to the Piriformis muscle.
Sciatic nerve irritation can occur from irritation anywhere along its path – from a few joint or muscle issues in your lower back, tightness of the Piriformis muscles, inflammation to the nerve and in some cases disc issues in the spine (disc causes are in fact the least common cause of sciatica according to modern research).
Once the nerve become irritated then a further complication can occur.
You can get adhesions along the nerve. Adhesions develop as a result of poor movement, when you walk, bend, twist or perform any activity the sciatic nerve actually moves up and won within its channel
The same occurs with all nerves.
If the nerve stops moving, either due to your pain, lack of movement or certain causes, adhesions may form. These adhesions attach to the nerve and to the tract itself.
Your can therefore remove the joint and muscle imbalances, remove inflammation and rebalance the Piriformis muscle, but unless you release these adhesions, you will struggle to get sciatic nerve pain relief, and pain can remain or return easily.


Sciatic Nerve Relief Test

You can detect if adhesions are occurring simply by performing the same method to correct them.
If you perform the technique below and you find pain occurs, or is aggravated then you know adhesions do exist somewhere along the nerve path. To correct these adhesions simply keep performing the technique and you’ll find pain eases as the adhesions break down.
Sciatic nerve pain relief will only last though if you make sure you remove both the symptoms and the cause. Relieving nerve tension is a vital part of removing the cause, but do not perform this technique unless you also deal with the other causes of your pain.
The best way to target all the causes is to follow a simple program that achieves this…

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However, whatever program you decide to use to help get sciatic nerve pain relief, the neural stretch must be used.
The process is simple.

sciatic nerve stretch

Make sure you bring head forward and round your shoulders!

Start by sitting on the side of a bench or table so that your legs can dangle freely. Then bring your head forward and stoop your shoulders forward a small amount.
This places traction on the spinal cord so that the neural tension is easier to detect.
Then swing one leg out until the leg straight, make sure you keep your foot pointing upwards. If you find that you can’t straighten your leg without sciatica occurring, or if there is pain anywhere in your back or leg, then you know there is some neural tension.
Drop the leg down again and then swing out gain. You want to create a rhythmic motion, but not to fast or too slow.
By repeating this for a couple of minutes you should feel able to swing your leg further and further without creating pain.
After 2 minutes simply stop. Going for longer will not create greater sciatica nerve pain relief.
The video below is a brief demonstration of the technique to help make things clearer.

But as I said above, this technique is a vital one to use if you have sciatica. No matter what else you use to remove the underlying causes, this neural stretch must be used if you plan to get lasting sciatic nerve relief.
I encourage all our readers to learn the most effective techniques to make sure you can live life free of pain.
So please make sure you use this technique, and feel free to click the link below to learn more about how you can get sciatic nerve pain relief yourself at home, spending just a few minutes each day.