Reflexes and Your Back Pain


When you are very young, you are protected by various reflexes. For example, you may be aware of the startle reflex where a baby will blink and throw their arms out…

This type of reflex disappears as we age, however it can remain as an adult or be activated by various events.

Even if someone was to pretend to throw something at you, you will still display this reflex. What has this got to do with back pain?

Various daily events can trigger off what are called “Primal Reflexes” which in turn can cause muscles to tighten. The same muscles, and even the reflex itself can also cause joint stiffness.

You can then each day build more and more tension around your body until one day you decide to lift something and your body decides you can’t … pain occurs.

Most clients that Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and doctors see complaining on back pain, will say that they did very little for the pain to occur. They didn’t fall down a flight of stairs, weren’t hit by a truck, they weren’t even doing excessive amounts of overloading to their spine…

They simply lifted, carried, or shifted an object they have lifted, carried or shifted a hundred times before with no pain at all.

So if you suffer with back pain, remember …

It is not just muscles and joints that cause your pain …

There are Primal reflexes, trigger points, inflammation, stress and even your general health that can be the cause, as much as any joint or muscle tightness.

So make sure you remove all the causes, detect all your imbalances, and improve your overall health if you plan to get lasting back pain relief.

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