Lower Back Pain & Bladder Issues


Many people ask if lower back pain can cause bladder issues. This article is written to help you understand more on why this can happen and the warning signals to look out for.

To start you first must understand some of the anatomical relationships between your lower back and your pelvic and abdominal organs.


Lower Back Pain & Your Bladder

lower back pain and bladder

The bowel, bladder and low back get the same nerve supply

The lower back consists of muscles, joints, nerves and many other structures. However the nerve supply that exits your spine not only supplies the muscles that help you move, they also supply the organs in the area.

There is also an autonomic nervous system that is also part of organ function and can be influenced when back pain occurs too.

The lower back in fact sends nerve supply to both the bowel and the bladder, so when lower back pain occurs these organs can also start to malfunction.

Signs To Watch For

If you do find you get sudden changes in your bowel or bladder function when lower back pain occurs, this is actually a warning signal of potentially more serious back issues.

When severe disc issues arise, you can lose both bowel and bladder function and this is a serious situation where you need urgent medical attention.

However, having bladder pain, or finding your are going to the toilet more often is a common sign when minor or moderate lower back pain occurs.

However, if you are concerned it is always best to seek advice to rule out any potentially worrying situation.

Lower Back Pain Relief & Your Bladder

If you decide to use self-help techniques for your pain, as lower back pain relief occurs you should also note that your bladder function returns to normal.

If it doesn’t then again you should seek advice.

Lower back pain relief techniques should include acupressure techniques, as acupressure points will target not just the lower back but also commonly the organs that relate to the area.

As a result as the acupressure points improve, as will your organ function. This is why with the X-Pain Program we teach you an acupressure system to make sure that your back pain eases but also your overall health improves also.

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But as I said above, if you find that you are experiencing bladder issues and your back pain is severe then please seek advice.

If you find that your bladder issues are minor, that your lower back pain is nothing too severe then it would be best to look at why your back pain has developed by locating the imbalances present.

You can find your imbalances free of charge by using our free relief guide, by clicking the link below…


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