Instant Lower Back Pain Relief – a warning first!

Lower back pain relief is an easy process, you can actually ease pain almost instantly with certain techniques.
This makes your life enjoyable again, as you are able to return to the activities that your pain has prevented you from enjoying.
person warning for lower back painOn this web page you will find an incredibly simple technique to use that will help relieve lower back pain instantly.
But there is a warning…


Don’t Use Any Lower Back Pain Relief Method Unless…

There is a simple warning I tell all my readers.
There is no point in relieving pain if you plan to stop there. Pain is just a signal, no different to a fire alarm.
If you had a fire in your house, would you be happy and relieved when the fire brigade arrives and ONLY turns off the alarm.
If they left without extinguishing the fire, would you be able to sleep easily that night?
I doubt it, and the same applies to back pain relief.
If all you do is relieve pain temporarily, then pain will return. You MUST remove the cause!
And removing the cause is just as easy as getting quick relief from back pain. All you need to do is spend a few minutes each day applying techniques to make sure both the symptoms and the cause ease.
The most effective way to achieve this is to follow a simple 3 step plan:
1. Find the Cause

2. Relieve Your Pain (something we will show you below)

3. Eliminate the Cause
It’s as simple as that. The only ESSENTIAL step though is the first, finding the cause.
Without knowing what and where to target you will be unlikely to remove the cause. This is why we teach this vital step free of charge to all our readers.

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But once you find the cause, you want simple techniques to help ease pain quickly. There are many you can use, however the technique below is the most effective.
Saying that, if you find this technique gives you little relief, don’t worry. It just means this is not best for you, and we can teach you many other simple methods to ease pain…


How To Get Almost Instant Relief From Lower Back Pain

The most common situation that allows pain to occur is muscle tightness, both general muscle tightness and trigger points. The technique below helps with both and targets the common muscle that creates lower back pain.
It targets the Erector Spine muscle group, which is commonly involved in all low back pain cases.
tennis-ball-sockWhat you need is two tennis balls, then either duct tape them together or tie them into a sock so that the tennis balls don’t move.
Then place the two tennis balls so that one ball is on one side of your spine and the other ball on the opposite side. The gap between the balls will have your spine resting between it.

lower back pain relief exercise

Start at the base, wait for relaxation in muscle before moving up

Rest your body weight over the tennis balls at the base of your spine, it might be best to start initially by doing this sitting. If you can tolerate the pressure then you can lie on your back performing the technique.
Rest there for a minute or two until you feel the muscles relax. In that time you will feel pain almost melt away.
Once this occurs then move the tennis balls up a segment and repeat. There will be some segments more tender than others, you can spend more time on these segments if needed to ease pain.
So start at the base of your spine and move up to the bottom of your rib cage. You can use it as often as you wish during the day to ease pain.
Please Note: This will ease tension in the muscles either side of your spine. But …

There are 2 muscles involved in ALL lower back pain situations, that many people NEVER assess or correct…

The two muscles are your Adductors and Quadratus Lumborum. These two muscles are commonly tight and are essential to stretch in all cases. If you are unsure on how to stretch these simply watch the brief video below…

But as I said above…
This is temporary relief only, it will help ease some muscle tension and may even reduce some Trigger Points. It will NOT remove the cause however.
To get lasting lower back pain relief you must follow the above 3 step plan. Follow this and you can guarantee you get quick relief but also lasting relief.
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