How To Stop Back Pain While Standing


For many people standing for prolonged periods of time is a common occurrence. Whether it is standing at the counter while preparing the evening meal, working in retail, or simply watching your children play sport.

You may also notice that the longer you stand the more uncomfortable it becomes. Why?

Any prolonged posture will tire both the muscle and joints around your spine and pelvis. More so if there is any imbalance in your spine.

There are a few activities you can do to help with this, and already there are many clues out there indicating that these work.

relieve back pain stnading on one foot.

Standing on one foot relieves back pain

For example, if you stand at the bench to brush your teeth, prepare the evening meal or other tasks, simply place a telephone book on the ground and place one foot on the book.

This changes your posture while standing reducing the stress on your spine.  You can stand for longer without tension building.

There are actual clues around that show this works…

Look at all the bars and pubs that have a rail at their counter, so you can place a foot there to stand longer. After all they want you to stay as long as possible, if you suddenly found you developed a sore back you’d more likely leave and go home.

And you can apply this at work if you are in retail, at home while preparing the evening meal and whenever you stand for prolonged periods of time.

Place a phone book, block of wood or small stool on the floor and simply rest your foot there. At the supermarket, rest your foot on the bottom metal bar of the trolley, to help ease any discomfort.

But the best the most successful long-term cure for back pain while you stand is …


The Long Term Cure for Back Pain

It’s very simple …

Remove any imbalance in your spine, there are literally countless people who can stand for hours and get no back pain.

pelvic imbalance

4 Pelvic Imbalances cause ALL pain


They have a spine that is functioning well. If your joints and muscles are in balance, then standing for long periods will not cause pain.

So correct any imbalance, follow a program that teaches you how to correct your spine at home using a combination of techniques. You need a combination of techniques to make sure you remove both the joint and muscle imbalances.

Simply stretching or exercising won’t achieve this.

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Back pain while standing is common, but the cause is not how you stand or the time you stand.

As soon as your spine becomes out of balance, pain will develop no matter what you do. There are four common imbalances that cause back pain.

Identifying which imbalance you have is therefore the first step in any back pain relief program.

If you’d like to learn how to detect your imbalance, free of charge, simply click the link below…


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