How To Save Your Back From Prolonged Sitting


Most of spend the majority of the day in a seated position. We sit at desks more often for work, and to make things worse we sit for hours of end without any movement at all.

Here are a few facts you might not know…

When you stand your body is never still, we have small micro movements that help with shock absorption.

sitting back pain

Sitting can aggravate back pain as well as compress organs

When you sit, the majority of this movement stops and all the pressures of gravity are placed on your spine.

Sitting not only affects your spinal health, due to the posture changes with prolonged sitting, you are also compressing your organs, and can increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes according to certain studies.

You may believe that by exercising once you get home, that you can counteract the effects of sitting all day at your job…

In fact research has shown this is not the case. Sure exercise is advisable and benefits you in many ways, but your prolonged sitting adds up to many more hours in a posture not great for your body.


How To Prevent Back Pain From Sitting

The simplest way is to get out of your chair on a regular basis. Every 20-30 minutes simply get out of your chair and move.

Go for a short walk around the office, bend and stretch, roll your shoulders, twist your spine from side to side, and turn your head from shoulder to shoulder.

Make sure you move every part that is under tension from your sitting posture.

You can also make your work space a bit more ergonomic by making sure your chair is at the right height, and if possible use an ergonomic chair, or even use a standing desk.

But the best way to help is to make sure your spine is in balance.

If your spine has muscle or joint imbalances, then your sitting posture will aggravate these and cause pain quicker than most.

If you look around your office, how any people can sit all day without any back pain at all.

How many say they get a sore back?

healthy sitting back pain free

A balanced spine allows sitting for longer without pain

Those that can sit (which is still not advisable) without pain, have a spine that is functioning well.

It is still best to get out of your chair as evidence shows that your productivity will increase by taking many small breaks in the day, with or without back pain present.

But if your spine is functioning well, then the need to get out of your chair to prevent back pain is eliminated. You should get out of your chair to help keep your energy levels high and to help keep your body in balance.

So if you suffer with back pain, find sitting makes it more uncomfortable the first step is identifying any imbalance in your spine. Simply click the link below to learn how to detect your imbalances, free of charge.

Just click the link to learn more…


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