How To Relieve Back Pain In Your Daily Life


When pain occurs, knowing how to relieve back pain is essential. But there are numerous tasks you do every day that can aggravate your condition.

You start the day trying to get out of bed, you have to get out of your chair, drive your car, pick up objects they you never dropped when pain free, and so much more.

So is there a way you can relieve back pain from these activities?

In fact when you are in pain, it is best to follow a few simple rules that will help with all activity.

Rule #1 – make sure you can get in and out of a chair easily. This means you are better to sit ion a firm kitchen-type chair than a soft sofa.

prevent back pain roll out of bed

Roll out of bed and get up sideways is best to prevent back pain

Rule #2 – rolling is always best. If you are in bed, or lying down, roll on your side and stand up using a side bend lift, rather than sitting up straight. There is more strength in the side to side movement.

Rule #3 – move slowly and in increments. So start sitting on the edge of your chair, car seat etc. Then move in small amounts until you are seated correctly. Don’t try to slide as if you get caught on the material you can aggravate your pain.

Rule #4 – if you drop leave it there. If there is someone to help, ask them to pick it up. If not make sure you support yourself by placing a hand on a wall if you can for support, bend your knees and move slowly. But if you don’t have to pick it up … just leave it there.

A few simple rules that will help you relieve back pain during the day. But if pain is present, these will help you avoid aggravating your pain, but you still need to address the underlying cause.

All back pain is caused by imbalances in your spine, both muscular and joint related. To become pain free you must first identify these imbalances, then correct them.

Click the link below to learn how to detect your imbalance, so that you can start today being pain free.


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  • December 24, 2013, 4:36 am

    Nice tips.I thing exercising is also a very good option.If you can do a 15 minute session per day it will be a nice thing to do.