Exercise and Back Pain Relief


The old adage of “bed rest is best” has long disappeared, now exercise is one of the best things for back pain relief.

This doesn’t mean you should always exercise, especially if pain is severe enough to prevent you from exercising.

The reason it is best to be active is twofold…

#1 Reason Why Exercise is Best

exercise for back pain relief

Walking is still one of the best exercises for back pain relief

When you have any form of back pain, you will have both muscle and joint involvement. Moving your muscles and joints allows them to heal better and faster.

Gentle walking is best, and a good half hour walk can works wonders for back pain.

Walking allows your pelvis to gently move, joints throughout your spine to move and for muscles to gentle contract and relax.

So when you first feel back pain arrive, go for a good long walk.

#2 Reason Why Exercise is Best

The other reason is that when you move your body will pump fluids, and hence exercise helps with the anti-inflammatory effect.

The lymphatic system needs stimulation, and again, walking is the ideal activity to help get this system working well.

What is the Best Exercise?

Although walking is still the best for back pain, it is not the only exercise to perform. Walking is also simplest, as you simply head outside and walk, or you can even walk around your home.

swimming for back pain relief

Swimming is an ideal back pain relief exercise

The other good form of exercise is swimming. Exercise needs to be symmetrical and use all the muscles of your body if possible.

This is why swimming and walking are good, yet cycling less effective.

Jogging and more physical exercise places too much stress on your joints and muscles, so best avoided when back pain is present. Once pain has eased and you can tolerate more physical forms then these are perfectly okay to do.

Back pain relief can simply start by going for a walk. A good half hour walk can reduce pain significantly.

However, even if pain eases quickly, it is still advisable to remove the underlying cause… if not pain is likely to return.

If you’d like to learn a simple technique to detect if you have imbalance in your spine, and therefore pain possibly building without you realizing … or if you are in pain, how to detect its’ true cause … simply click the link below.


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