(Video) – How the Structural Experts are Keeping You In Pain & … What You Can Do About It!


From the Desk of: Dr Graeme Teague, Christchurch, N.Z
Re: Your Program for a Life Free From Pain
Why has this concern of those in pain …getting Pain Free & and staying that way …been largely ignored by so-called structural experts?
You are told … “Expect aches and pains as you age, it’s just normal” or “Most adults have back pain, join the club – now you have to stretch every day!”
So why do I hear these complaints from people like you on a regular basis?

“I did the stretches & exercises but the pain didn’t go away.”

“I took the meds for a few weeks, pain eased but never totally gone.”

“Why did my pain come back, I was doing absolutely nothing at the time & feeling good.”

Perhaps Countless People Around the World Are Simply Asking Too Much!

-OR- maybe they should get the real answers to why pain occurs and why it fails to disappear 100%.
After all, their structural expert tells them that pain is simply due to muscle imbalances or inflammation.
redarrow…But why do you get back pain, but the person next to you doesn’t?
redarrowIf I stretch a muscle, why does it tighten again almost immediately?
redarrowWhy do I have to spend an hour a day stretching when my friends don’t stretch at all … and they don’t have back pain?
There is Nothing Wrong With Wanting to be Pain Free & Still Do Everything You Enjoy.

I can show you exactly how to remove ALL your pain spending just a few minutes a day … and still do all the leisure, sport or physical activity you enjoy.
Over the past 10 years, I’ve mastered the technique of “teaching” your body to become pain free while “re-educating” it to stay that way… forever.
This is NOT your typical stretch & exercise advice.
This is NOT “cookie cutter” back pain info.
This is NOT mainstream!
Who the heck am I and why would you want to listen to me -vs- the typical stretch & exercise info?
If I was in your position I’d be thinking the same thing right about now…
Graeme_Teague-36My Name is Graeme Teague: I’ve been a Specialist Chiropractor for the past 23+ years & a Self-Help Author the past few years as well.
Unfortunately after 12 years of practicing, I realized I was doing it all wrong. Although I was helping people ease their pain, it was blatantly obvious that I was seeing them again in some future months with the same pain.
Good for business and my bank balance … but not good for my clients who wished to stay pain free and exercise.
I never had the intentions of becoming just a “symptom based” practitioner … but I had ended up being one to my surprise.
It dawned on me that by simply adjusting a few joints, working on a few muscles and giving some good advice was simply not enough to remove all your pain … or keep you pain free.
Admittedly, my clients weren’t complaining. After all this was the standard approach to back pain, every practitioner worked this way. Sure you had your success stories you pulled out at conference. But when you dug deeper you realized that these were the “exception” and not the “rule”.
So, a personal and professional journey started.
It took me from 1999-2005 to discover the answer.
In roughly 5 and a half years I accomplished the goal of learning why back pain and sciatica occurred and why all the structural therapies failed to eliminate pain completely. It took me a long time, because this wasn’t mainstream – I had to look at how the body works, what protects it, what actually happens when pain strikes.
From 2005 going forward I perfected a simple 3-step technique of removing back pain (and ALL its causes), spending a few minutes a day initially and just a few minutes each month to maintain a healthy back.
Yes, I discovered techniques you could perform yourself, at home and get the results many practitioners can only dream about.
Clients were coming up to me on a regular basis saying how much better they felt … not just pain free, but mobile, energetic, free!
And they have maintained this not just for weeks … but literally months and years.
In 2007 I Decided to Start a Blog About Getting “Pain Free”

I named it Back Pain Advisor and I wrote about my 7+ years of intense research and findings when it came to removing back pain and sciatica in your own home. The blog was criticized by colleagues and even those practitioners I didn’t even know, because I was talking about foreign concepts.
Their thoughts…”who in their right mind wouldn’t want to teach people how to fix pain themselves?”
I knew for a fact that there was a LARGE group of people who wanted to finally become pain free without having to spend countless dollars in their “local practitioners clinic”…but I was NOT ready for how big the demand was for this information!
Within a Short Time My Little Blog Was Getting Staggering Amounts of Traffic.

No wonder when over 80% of adults suffer with back pain at some stage in their life. But the comments people were sending me inspired me to keep writing, so you could understand why pain occurred … why it is not simply just a few muscles being out of balance.
Muscle balance theory is almost as outdated as dinosaurs, but still it remains popular. It’s easy to explain, but the results are just not I want for my clients.
(I just want clients to remain pain free so they can enjoy all life has to offer… exercise, sport, fun)
Senior Couple Exercising In Park
This site has become a massive entity & took many hours of my time to dedicate too.
My blog took on a life on its’ own too. Clients email me for advice, guidance and techniques to help them personally.
Something I always vowed I would do … run a personally driven blog. One where I answer your emails, talk to you personally on Skype, guide you to succeed at removing your pain.
I believe that this is essential, as you need guidance from someone who knows and cares.
(Again…this isn’t about what I have done…I started this to help you.)
My blog has now taken a back step… there is still a massive amount of cutting-edge information on it. But I’ve now dedicated my time and resources to helping those who take action … who are fed up with ineffective methods … paying hundreds of “dollars” and only getting “cents” worth of relief.
So after years running my blog and giving general advice to readers, I made a change.
…I wanted to take all of the cutting-edge information and collective knowledge gathered by my research…and compile and it into the ultimate back pain program.
Introducing the First Comprehensive Back Pain & Sciatica Program … 100% Targeted to Becoming & Staying Pain Free!

Some Highlights From the 89 Page – X-Pain Program (Main Manual)


  • Learn an incredibly simple way to find the exact cause of your back pain… and how to eliminate it for good!

  • The 6 SECOND STRETCH! No more spending an hour on time-consuming stretching routines. Get better results in a lot less time!

  • The one stretch that covers your ENTIRE spine, which will have you moving freely in just 2 minutes. Gain the flexibility of a child again, bend and stretch without any restrictions.

  • The simple technique that eliminates the root cause of all back pain. You can do this lying down, watching TV in just 5 minutes. And it’s never been taught before.

  • The SECRET behind Chiropractichow to self-adjust your spine… painlessly and effectively (this has never been released outside Chiropractic ever – you now become your own spinal expert)

  • How to get every joint moving like a well-oiled machine – using two tennis balls and a towel (you may laugh, but you’ll soon be pain free!)

  • The one-two punch for eliminating sciatica pain quickly and forever!

  • How to break the pain cycle. If you have recurring or chronic back or neck pain, this is the only technique ever taught that rips apart the internal habits that allow pain to repeat. (Imagine having no pain in your future … ever)

  • Ancient Acupressure techniques that speeds your healing and recovery rate, realigns your spine, relaxes muscles and removes stress that has caused them. (These are so simple you can do these relaxing and watching TV in your armchair)

  • A simple technique to energize you spine, improve your flexibility and get you bounding out of bed in the morning.

  • How to re-align your spine and pelvis … something usually reserved for structural experts… in your own home in just 5 minutes!

  • How to become your own personal structural expert. You’ll even be able to help your family and friends when they need it most.

  • …and MUCH more!


My Goal is For You to Learn & Master the Skill of Creating the Pain Free Body You Desire.

I’ve laid out a simple to follow schedule, so you know exactly when to apply each technique. It only takes less than 30 minutes to perform each day for the first week or two.
Then as your body readjusts itself, all you need to do is to encourage it to remain pain free (for most people within the first week or two).
I Actually Encourage You to Contact Me For Help & Advice!
This isn’t just about blindly following the routines in this manual. I want to help you become 100% … completely … totally … pain free. Once you understand that your situation is unique, you are encouraged to use me as your personal resource. This program is meant to empower you.
The program can be done without needing to join a gym, buy supplements, rub in creams … you simply Remove Your Pain from Home.
All you need is a little time and minimal equipment (things you most likely have at home already)…
After Your Feedback … The Program Has Evolved Further.
The original program was comprehensive to say the least and many clients felt overwhelmed with the amount of information included.
So much, that some were confused on what techniques to use. To make life easy and simple, to make sure you ONLY use what you need to remove your pain as fast as possible, I’ve added not removed from the program.
To make sure you become a pain free as fast as humanly possible…
Quick Start Program – A Simple Step-by-Step Program Utilizing The Latest Advanced Techniques to Eliminate ALL Pain Fast.

Some Highlights from the – Quick Start Program


  • How to assess your spine, pelvis and muscles to see where your problems are coming from, to remove the guess work from back pain relief.

  • How to target the correct areas to eliminate back pain as Fast as Humanly Possible.

  • Simple Reflexes to release muscle tension in just seconds, so you “stretch less to gain more” relief.

  • Ways to use Pain Control Acupressure to literally turn off your pain.

  • The 4 Muscles You MUST Stretch if you want to rebalance your spine, two are seldom ever stretched and the main reason why back pain remains for most.

  • Why you should look to your feet … an area many practitioners completely ignore in back pain.


You Will Be Able to Systematically and Predictably Eliminate Every Ounce of Your Pain.

There’s a reason that my clients simply love this program.
Many other self help programs require you to spend an hour or more to stretch or exercise the muscles they say cause your pain.
You then need to do exercise as well to build strength (you may even have to join a gym) … take supplements … avoid certain activities you love … watch how you lift, bend or twist.
But with my program…
You can only spend less than 30 minutes each day for a week.
You then cut this down to only 3-4 days a week.
Finally a few minutes each month will maintain a well balanced spine.
The so-called experts say muscles are the cause of your pain … that you must address imbalances there. <—However I’m NOT saying that is wrong!
The X-Pain Program – is a much more efficient approach.

Your pain is more than just muscles. I’d love to say it wasn’t, that all you need to do is simply stretch a muscle or two … but you must do more. The reason so many people fail to completely become pain free is that they forget (or aren’t taught how) to remove ALL the causes.
This is why I’m criticized so hard by other practitioners right now. I believe in teaching you everything you need to know to become free of pain! The approach I teach you is much more effective than anything else on the web.
I’ve Also Included Detailed Video Demonstrations You Can Download or View Online.

Since I encourage using methods that work, which are also unusual at times. I felt the need to include explanations in text, pictures and video.
Every technique demonstrated by me personally so you can see how easy it is to perform these. No fitness model, or gym junkie who is barely out of their teenage years. You get an almost 50 year old showing you exactly what you need to do.
Yes, you can even download these, place them on your iphone, tablet or smart device to take them where you wish.
And even then …
If you are still unsure of exactly what to do or how to do it. You have me as your personal guide, now and for the rest of your life. Even if you injure your back in 20 years, I will still be here to help you … at no charge … whenever you need my guidance.
Bottom line…this is a very user-friendly and useful resource!
Finally, You Will Get The Members Only Newsletter for All the Extra Valuable Pieces of Advice, Tips & Techniques.

This is simple & “vital” for long term relief.
It is natural to stop using techniques as soon as pain eases, everyone does it. I expect you to be the same.
But I will email you a reminder of what techniques to use and when… short term and long term. To make sure you occasionally check in to make sure you remain in balance.
It takes 31 days to form a habit … so once pain eases it is vital to make sure you body makes it a habit to stay pain free. All free, no charge, my personal time to make sure you stay able to exercise, play sport, get fit, lose weight and just have fun with your kids.
After a short time, you will be pain free following this simple program.
The idea is to internalize exactly what you need to do and memorize the process. My best guess is that you will do this week one, the process is that simple. You then have a process to follow wherever you are, now and in the future.
A way to guarantee you can eliminate any pain now and if you ever injure yourself again.
I Decided to Price This Comprehensive Back Pain Program for Less Than the Cost of 1 Single Session With the Average Chiropractor or PT.

I was contemplating charging $77 because this program wound up including techniques I’d usually sell as separate programs…but I didn’t think it would be fair to charge more for information that is vital for your success.
I decided on ONE single payment of $47.
This is slightly less than $50…which happens to be a typical rate for the doctors visit (actually a lot less depending on who you see).
I did this on purpose, because the X-Pain Program… was formed on the collective knowledge & wisdom of the best techniques out there…mainstream and unorthodox.
What you gain here “SMOKES” a treatment session with even the best practitioner!
I am NOT saying that to be mean or put down anyone AT ALL…Heck, it would take me at least 3-4 hours to teach you all of these techniques in person and I live and breathe this info.
Come to me for personal treatment and you’d expect to have 4 sessions over a month (and I don’t come cheap either).
This program was a long-time in the making & I’m Super-Proud of how it turned out.
…and I honestly think you will Dig It!
Click The Add to Cart Button below to place your secure order.


The X-Pain Program… where I’ll receive INSTANT access to the first comprehensive back pain program …100% dedicated to becoming & staying pain free goal!


I also understand that for this one low price of $47, I will get LIFETIME free upgrades. Every time a new version of this program comes out, I will get the newest version free of charge.


AND I understand that this investment is backed by a no quibble, no questions asked 60 day guarantee… if I don’t feel I have received true value and am well on the way to making dramatic improvements in my pain, I will receive all my money back.


On that basis I’m ready to begin my program by clicking the ‘Add To Cart’ button below…




Note: This is a downloadable program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download and get started right away after ordering. This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website.
Here’s to returning to a pain free life able to live life to the fullest!

My 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Customer satisfaction is my number 1 priority. I know you will get great results with the X-Pain Program, if you put it to use. That being said, if you are unsatisfied with the product for any reason in the first 60 days, I will offer you a full refund.