Does Your Back Pain Relate To Digestion



Many people who find they suddenly have back pain, will also note they are constipated. A common question that arises is…

“Does my digestion cause my back pain?”

The answer is not always straight forward. Your bowel and lower back are related, however …

Your bowel can also refer pain to your neck and shoulders.

Lower Back Pain & Digestion

back pain and digestion

Spinal nerves supply both your organs and your skeletal system

The lower back and your bowel have the same nerve supply. So if your bowel suddenly slows, constipation (diarrhoea is less likely a cause) then the lower back can tighten.

Also each organ has muscles that are associated to it, and the large intestine relates to your hamstrings (a major pelvic stabilizer), the Tensor Fascia Lata (helps with walking) and Quadratus lumborum (another major muscle in back pain).

The small intestine is related to the abdominal muscles and the thigh muscles.

The bowel can create back pain, but also the back can create digestive issues. So when back pain occurs, it can be common to have digestive issues.

Neck and Upper Back Pain & Digestion

The bowel can also refer to the neck and upper back. If you look at the large intestine meridian (acupuncture organ system) it runs down from the face, down the neck to the shoulder and down your arm.

So if the bowel starts to have issues, this meridian can become blocked and cause pain in these regions.

When back pain occurs you may not always look at your digestion, but there is one motto that you should always remember …

“Pain is like a fire alarm … the alarm is NOT always where the fire is”

The same with pain, you can have neck pain caused by your digestion, your lower back can create digestive issues, and there can be a variety of underlying issues.

This is why it is always best to make sure you detect all the imbalances present in your spine, learn simple ways to detect other health issues (acupressure is an ideal tool for this) and to ensure you get lasting relief from pain …

Make sure you remove each and every cause…

Our FREE relief guide teaches you how to detect imbalances in your spine and explains more about our unique back pain program that combines structural techniques with acupressure to make sure all the causes are removed.

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