Does Excess Weight Really Cause Back Pain?


Being overweight is often thought of as a contributing factor for back pain. After all it makes sense doesn’t it…

If you are carrying around more weight then it places more strain on your muscles and joints.

causes of back pain are not weight related

Excess weight DOES NOT cause your pain … imbalances DO!

However, if weight caused back pain, then everyone who was overweight would have back pain… but they don’t!

Practitioners frequently look to find the so-called “cause of back pain” and weight is an easy target. Does this mean you shouldn’t lose weight if you are carrying extra pounds?


Being a healthy weight will help in many ways, it will remove some pressure from your spine, weighing less makes it easier to exercise, is better for your overall health and well being too.

But the cause of back pain is not your weight; it is the presence of imbalances in your spine. If imbalances are present then your joints and muscles are not functioning well, and your excess weight will help to exacerbate these issues.

So the plan of attack is simple, find the imbalances, remove the imbalances, which reduces and eliminates your pain. Then you can exercises easily and lose weight.

The first step is therefore identifying if you have imbalances in your spine. You can do that simply, and free of charge by clicking the link below…


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  • October 26, 2013, 12:15 pm

    This article helps me with my paper. I learned that being a heavy weight does not always result to back pain but the imbalance of the spine does. So to eliminate the back pain, we also eliminate the factors that causes the imbalance of the spine.