Chronic Back Pain Relief – what you MUST do

Chronic back pain relief is needed often, as many people wait in hope that pain will ease by itself.
For some it will, for many it doesn’t and chronic back pain develops. Once your pain is chronic there are certain things you MUST do to get relief.
Chronic back pain relief is simple once you understand the process to follow and the strategies that work. This web page will outline the process you must follow to remove your chronic pain.


The Chronic Back Pain Relief Steps

The following are the simple steps you must follow to remove your pain and break the chronic pain cycle.
Many people stop at removing pain, as they believe that once pain has eased the chronic nature of the pain has ended also. This is the most common mistake and easily avoided by following the steps below.

Step #1 – Identify the Cause

imbalances are the cause of sciatica

Joint & Muscle Imbalances Cause Back Pain & Sciatica

This is the same whether your back pain is chronic or not. Knowing the cause of your pain is essential, but it is not how you lift, bend, twist or perform some activity.
The cause of ALL back pain and sciatica has been shown by research to be muscle and joint imbalances.
These imbalances force your body to function incorrectly allowing tension to build. The tension increases until one day you lift, bend or twist and pain occurs.
The activity is the final ounce of tension that allows pain to occur, however the cause is the imbalance present that allows this tension to build.
So working out which imbalance you have is the first and most important step in chronic balance pain relief. It is so important, that we teach this to all our readers free of charge.
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Once you know what to target the next step is simple..


Step #2 – Pain Relief

Removing pain is obvious of you want chronic balance pain relief. Pain relief is essential for two reasons…
Firstly, nobody likes being in pain longer than they should. Secondly, your body will heal the underlying causes faster if you are pain free.

trigge rponts

Trigger Points are small localized areas of spasm

This is why it is necessary to learn a variety of ways to ease pain. There are many stretches, back pain exercises, acupressure points, trigger point techniques that will help to ease your pain.
It is best to learn a variety, as not all techniques will work for each individual. Learning a variety means you cover all the possible causes.
This is why inside the X-Pain program there are 16 different ways to ease pain quickly. Chronic back pain relief is a simple process; pain relief is just as quick whether pain has been present for a few days or for a few years or longer.
As soon as muscle tension eases, joints move better, trigger points ease pain eases also. There are also acupressure points that will literally turn off the pain signals.
Pain relief is a vital step, if you’d like to learn more on how to ease pain quickly, simply click the link below.

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Once you have eased pain then the last step is the most essential for chronic balance pain relief, why?


Step 3 – Breaking the Habit

Chronic by definition means anything that has persisted for a period of time. The reason your pain has become chronic is that it is now a habit for your body to have these imbalances in your spine.
Sure you can ease pain by using stretches and exercises, or joint techniques or many ways to ease pain. But pain will return unless you train your body to stay pain free.
This is why may people with chronic pain live inside chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Osteopaths or doctors offices.
Unless you break the cycle, pain returns. Many structural practitioners will tell you that therefore you need regular care to stay pain free.
This is untrue…
What you need to do is learn ways to treat yourself, to rebalance your spine, ease tension in muscles and maintain overall structural health.
If you learn self-help techniques you can then make sure you target the underlying causes, the imbalances present in your spine, and make sure that they disappear.
Then you can use the same detection method to monitor your spine to make sure it remains in balance. By performing techniques daily for a month or two you can break the chronic pain cycles and train your body to stay well.
Chronic back pain relief is a simple process, but you must follow these steps. Learning how to detect imbalances in your spine is the most vital of these steps as you can use the same methods to monitor your spine long term to make sure you stay pain free.
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