The Underlying Causes of Back Pain

You may have been told the causes of back pain are how you lifted, or bent over or an object you were carrying was too heavy.
In fact these are the final mechanisms that may have triggered your pain, but they are not the true underlying back pain causes.
This web page will outline what the causes are, and from those you will know what you need to do to remove your pain.
So read on and make sure you take action to remove your pain also…


The Last Straw…

The final activity you perform is usually the activity to attribute as being the cause of back pain.
However, most of these activities are ones you have performed many times before and they never caused pain then.
The law of cause and effect states that if you repeat an activity the same result will occur.
So for these activities to “cause” your pain, they should do it every time you perform this activity.
camel back strawBut they don’t. They are in fact the proverbial “last straw that broke the camels back”.
Yet it is still very common to say that the causes of back pain are your posture, how you lift, the way you bend down, or the objects that are too heavy for you to carry.
Sure you can have the occasional fall that can trigger pain, but in a recent insurance study they found that of all the activities that people said caused their pain …
Over 85% of the activities were not large enough to cause any pain at all!
In other words, it was not how you lifted, bent over, carried an object or how you sat in your chair.


The True Causes of Back Pain

Research has shown that all the back pain causes are in fact an accumulation of many small injuries over time.
Each of these if they do not heal completely, allows your muscles and joints to become out of balance. They may not heal completely as you don’t feel any pain with these injuries.
So you carry on performing the same activities, minor falls, bumps and injuries you just move on and don’t worry, as the pain is nothing serious.
But each day these micro-injuries allow imbalances to develop and become chronic.

imbalances are the cause of sciatica

Joint & Muscle Imbalances Cause Back Pain & Sciatica

As the imbalance progresses it causes an overload on your structural system, so that even your day-to-day life places undue strain on the muscles and joints. This creates more small micro-injuries and stress and tension increases, until …
You lift, bend or twist and pain strikes!
The true causes of back pain are the imbalances in your spine – both muscular and joint imbalances.
These imbalances twist and distort your spine, so that normal daily activity is harder to carry out, placing more strain on your body.
It is then just a matter of time before pain develops.


The Solution To Your Imbalances

Knowing that it is the imbalances that are the cause of back pain, allows you then to identify which imbalance you have so you can target that for both quick and long term relief.
Detecting the imbalances is therefore the key to success and this is the only vital skill everyone should learn , no matter what corrective techniques they use.
If you can detect imbalances, you can also help prevent pain, as you can detect the imbalance before pain arrives.
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Then once you know the imbalance, you know which specific muscles and joints are the causes of back pain.
Your back pain may feel serious, but as with all pain, it is the minor imbalances that have developed over time that are the back pain causes.
You need to use techniques to relieve back pain for symptom relief, and need back pain exercises and other back pain relief methods to remove causes of back pain …these imbalances.
But finding these imbalances is the key. Simply click the link below to learn more about detecting your imbalance and removing the causes of back pain.