Can You Learn To Prevent Back Pain? Here’s 3 Tips To Help!


You may have heard of all the terrible back pain statistics that over 80% of adults will suffer with back pain at some stage. That is more likely as you age too.

However you don’t often see simple ways to prevent back pain, things you can do at home to help reduce the risk of suffering in pain as you age.

In fact there are many simple ways you can prevent back pain, most never require you to see a practitioner either.

Tip #1 – Walk

relieve back pain

Walking Helps Back Pain

There’s an adage, if you don’t use it you’ll lose it.

It applies to your spine. Walking and general exercise will use the majority of muscles in your spine as well as the joints. Going for a walk is good for fitness, but a gentle walk also rocks every joint in your spine allowing good movement.

Even if you have pain, walking for 30 minutes can help with back pain relief.

Tip #2 – Stretch

This doesn’t mean stretching specific muscles, but using your entire body at least a few times a week.

standing twist to prevent back pain

Twist all the way to one side, then the other

Turn your head to your shoulder a few times. Do a standing twist where you turn your body all the way round as far as you can, then turn the opposite way. Do this for a minute or two to stretch your entire spine, including your hips.

Bring your knees to your chest, touch your toes, bend your wrists, and pull your arms behind you …

Doing this once or twice will tell your body that you are going to use those movements. So like the adage above, you will maintain flexibility.

Think of all the children that turn and twist every day, so they maintain good flexibility.

Whereas as adults we confine ourselves to a desk with minimal movement, we turn our chair rather than our body to pick something up, we never look behind either.

Doing these a few times a week will help keep you moving.

Tip #3 – Remove Imbalances

Most of us have spinal imbalances, there are four main types and these allow muscles and joints to tire and eventually cause pain.

If your spine is in general balance then pain is unlikely.

Simply balancing your spine, using a combination of techniques you can use at home will help to maintain a healthy spine and prevent back pain.

You can learn how to detect these imbalances fee of charge by simply clicking the link below, or feel free to learn how to remove your imbalances by clicking the link…

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Detecting imbalances is the key to lasting back pain relief. IF you are free of imbalance, your muscles and joints work well, then with a walk a few times a week, some simple stretching movements and you can age without pain.

Back pain is easy to prevent if you know a few simple tools and tips to help. So click the link below to learn how to detect your imbalances now…


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