Graeme Teague

Sciatic Pain – the causes & ways to get relief

Sciatic pain is pain that radiates down the back of your leg. For some it may be just into the buttock, for others it can go down right to your toes. Either way, the cause of sciatic pain is not always serious or severe. In fact the majority of sciatica cases are not due to disc issues at all. They can be one of the following more common situations. Piriformis Syndrome The Piriformis muscle attaches to your sacrum (the wedge shaped bone) and out to the top of your thighbone. The sciatic nerve runs through or next to the muscle and hence if the muscle tightens, pain can develop. To relieve this type of sciatic pain, you simply need to [...]

Why Did My Back Pain Start? I Had No Injury!

You may not know, but there are more people suffering with back pain that never had a fall, injury or anything traumatic happen to their spine. For those who have never suffered with pain, the assumption is you need some trauma to cause muscles or joints to become painful. However, in most cases this is not the fact. The majority of people, who have back pain, develop it over time. It is the accumulation of many small injuries that never cause back pain, but allow imbalances to develop in your spine. With time these imbalances cause muscles and joints to tire, so that your normal daily activity one day create pain. And … It doesn’t need to be a physical [...]

How To Relieve Back Pain In Your Daily Life

When pain occurs, knowing how to relieve back pain is essential. But there are numerous tasks you do every day that can aggravate your condition. You start the day trying to get out of bed, you have to get out of your chair, drive your car, pick up objects they you never dropped when pain free, and so much more. So is there a way you can relieve back pain from these activities? In fact when you are in pain, it is best to follow a few simple rules that will help with all activity. Rule #1 – make sure you can get in and out of a chair easily. This means you are better to sit ion a firm [...]

How To Create a Healthy Back

Keeping your back in good shape is one of the best things you can do to help prevent back pain. But is there one exercise or activity that is ideal to achieve this? In fact there is no one particular thing to do, what you need to do is a few simple things to help build good health in your spine. The first is obvious, firstly you should remove any imbalance that is present already. If your spine is out of balance, no matter what you do, it will never be functioning perfectly. Imbalances develop over time, they only cause pain once they are at a certain level, but it is easy to detect your imbalances well before pain strikes. [...]

Does Excess Weight Really Cause Back Pain?

Being overweight is often thought of as a contributing factor for back pain. After all it makes sense doesn’t it… If you are carrying around more weight then it places more strain on your muscles and joints. However, if weight caused back pain, then everyone who was overweight would have back pain… but they don’t! Practitioners frequently look to find the so-called “cause of back pain” and weight is an easy target. Does this mean you shouldn’t lose weight if you are carrying extra pounds? No. Being a healthy weight will help in many ways, it will remove some pressure from your spine, weighing less makes it easier to exercise, is better for your overall health and well being too. [...]

When Should You Stretch For Back Pain?

Everyone knows that stretching is great for back pain, sure it is not the only thing you need to do to remove your pain completely, but it is still the easiest to use. But when should you stretch? Most of us today sit at desks, stand still behind a counter, or have occupations that are relatively inactive. Being inactive allows muscles to tighten, as they are not moved regularly. You may feel stiff and sore as you try to get out of your chair, or as you walk away from your desk. Inactivity will allow both muscles and joints to stiffen, especially if there are a few imbalances present in your spine. The cause doesn’t relate to the activity you [...]

How To Stop Back Pain While Standing

For many people standing for prolonged periods of time is a common occurrence. Whether it is standing at the counter while preparing the evening meal, working in retail, or simply watching your children play sport. You may also notice that the longer you stand the more uncomfortable it becomes. Why? Any prolonged posture will tire both the muscle and joints around your spine and pelvis. More so if there is any imbalance in your spine. There are a few activities you can do to help with this, and already there are many clues out there indicating that these work. For example, if you stand at the bench to brush your teeth, prepare the evening meal or other tasks, simply place [...]

How To Save Your Back From Prolonged Sitting

Most of spend the majority of the day in a seated position. We sit at desks more often for work, and to make things worse we sit for hours of end without any movement at all. Here are a few facts you might not know… When you stand your body is never still, we have small micro movements that help with shock absorption. When you sit, the majority of this movement stops and all the pressures of gravity are placed on your spine. Sitting not only affects your spinal health, due to the posture changes with prolonged sitting, you are also compressing your organs, and can increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes according to certain studies. You may [...]

What Causes Lower Left Back Pain

Whether it is lower left back pain or lower right back pain, the causes remain the same. In fact ALL back pain is created by a few issues, it is seldom just one cause but an accumulation of many small factors over a period of time. Lower left back pain is pain that is situated around what is called the Sacro-Iliac joint. The joint is used in all activity from lifting your leg, turning in bed, bending to carry an object and basically is the first joint to move in all activity. Lower right back pain is identical, but simply on the right side of the body. When the Sacro-Iliac joint tightens, the muscles in the low back will work [...]

Can You Learn To Prevent Back Pain? Here’s 3 Tips To Help!

You may have heard of all the terrible back pain statistics that over 80% of adults will suffer with back pain at some stage. That is more likely as you age too. However you don’t often see simple ways to prevent back pain, things you can do at home to help reduce the risk of suffering in pain as you age. In fact there are many simple ways you can prevent back pain, most never require you to see a practitioner either. Tip #1 – Walk There’s an adage, if you don’t use it you’ll lose it. It applies to your spine. Walking and general exercise will use the majority of muscles in your spine as well as the joints. [...]