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Eliminate Back Pain Even FASTER with the Trigger Point Release & Accelerated Technique Systems and Save BIG!

Sometimes you just want that extra boost to accelerate your results. Although the X-Pain Program you’ve just purchased is guaranteed to eliminate your pain …
These 2 extra programs will SUPERCHARGE your results and allow you to boost results quicker than any other program … ever!
Inside are the systems I usually show only my private clients I treat inside my clinic … and usually only those stubborn cases I get referred from other practitioners.
The coolest part of this entire package – as these are accelerated techniques they will speed results lightning fast. No matter where your pain … no matter how long you’ve had it. Let’s have a closer look at what this package looks like.

Trigger Point Release – “instant pain relief”

Trigger points can cause almost 75% of your actual pain. Release these and you will get instant pain relief.
Inside you will learn:
bluetickThe most COMMON locations of the trigger points causing your pain. No more searching and hoping to find the right areas. Target them quickly to get instant relief
bluetickThe Quickest Way to Release Trigger Points – learn to remove these points simply and quickly, and also how to make sure they never bother you again.
bluetickA Simple Acupressure technique that helps to stop trigger points no matter where they are, no matter how many you have. This can save you hours of time finding and removing trigger points.
bluetickDetailed Drawings of the Essential Trigger Points and their pain patterns. You can easily and quickly pinpoint exactly where your pain is and which point is causing it.

Accelerated Technique Manual

These are techniques I use in my practice on a daily basis. Unusual but they are for my stubborn cases. They help to get over hurdles if people are struggling to improve. They can be used at any time to speed up results.
As I said, they will appear unusual but they are highly effective. With video demonstrations and pictures, you are able to use the techniques that literally SUPERCHARGE response times and give you that added boost.
bluetickRehydrate Your Cells – even if you drink liters of water you can still be dehydrated. You will make sure all your cells receive a water supply (Keeping your joints flexible and your brain in top gear)
bluetickHow to reconnect your proprioception (this is the balance mechanisms that can become “turned off” and cause spinal instability)
bluetickThe ONE joint nobody ever corrects that can be the main cause of repeated or recurring back pain .

Because we know just how much faster these tools will speed your results, we’re going to offer you the entire Accelerator Package not for $67, but instead at over 50% off the retail price.


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No thanks. I understand that this is my only opportunity to get access to this information and I’m okay with missing out, even at today’s HUGE discount. I understand that after declining this offer, the Trigger Point & Accelerator System will never be made available to me again at any price, even if I wish to pay more. I will pass on this forever.