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Welcome to the Back Pain Advisor website. Our aim is to help you understand that both back pain and sciatica are easily cured. That you don’t need any special skills, an indepth knowledge of why your pain developed … all you need is a few simple techniques to make sure you remove both the symptoms and the cause.
Although our web presence has been ongoing since 1997, our techniques have been utilized since 1991, helping many thousands of people get lasting relief from back pain.

Who Am I

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Dr Graeme Teague – Chiropractic Physician

I am Dr Graeme Teague, and I am a Chiropractic Physician. I live and practice in Christchurch New Zealand. You can read more about me and my clinic by clicking the following link:  GraemeTeague.net
Basically this means that rather than just using techniques to adjust the spine, I have extended my skills and knowledge to incorporate many other techniques.
The reason is simple ….
All back pain (including sciatica) is created by a combination of events and functions. You may have noticed a rapid onset of pain after an event … but most of these events are common daily events you have performed many times without developing pain.
Modern research has proven that ALL back pain is the result of an accumulation of stress on your spine over time. The last event is the proverbial straw that breaks the camels back.
So no matter what type of pain you suffer, it is the result of muscle, joint, trigger point, inflammation, health and stress functions.
To get lasting relief you need to use techniques combining these elements – if not at best you will get temporary relief.

Back Pain Relief Uncomplicated

Although this may appear a complicated process, to remove your pain and its cause is a simple process…

x-pain program for back pain relief

The Web’s Most Effective Back Pain & Sciatica Program … pain relief within days or sooner!

Our X-Pain program has been developed over many years, is constantly refined and improved to make your life easier. It combines a few simple techniques to eliminate muscle imbalances, joint imbalances, trigger points and inflammation while boosting your health and reducing stress plus increasing your energy levels.
Best of all, you only need to spend a few minutes each day initially and once balance is restored (for most within a few short weeks) then maintaining a healthy balanced state only requires a few minutes each month.
This unique approach, our UNLIMITED LIFETIME PERSONAL SUPPORT, the cost to you (yes we price our program so that everyone can become pain free) and policy of giving you all the information in one package … helps us to remain the web’s most effective back pain and sciatica relief program.
So please feel free to browse our site, use the Ask The Doctor web page to ask me personally any question on your pain (I will endeavour to answer within 24 hours, 48 hours at the latest), and make sure you read more about the X-Pain Program and if you are serious about getting lasting relief grab our Free Relief Guide.
Otherwise, I look forward to helping you become free of pain and enjoying life once more.
Talk soon

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Dr Graeme Teague