5 Ways To Get Sciatica Relief – long lasting relief

For those who suffer with sciatica, life seems somewhat unpleasant and sciatica relief hard to achieve – pain is in your back, travels down your leg and almost every movement you make pain shoots like a bolt of lightning.
However …
There is nothing to worry about, as the information you may have read about your pain and how to get sciatica relief has changed.
Recent research has shown that no matter what the cause of your sciatica, conservative treatments is more effective than any other form of care. So the need for surgery is minimal at best.
To understand why you need to know a little more on your pain and how it develops, then I will teach you 5 ways to get sciatica relief, long lasting relief too.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is in fact a form of lower back pain – plain and simple.

sciatic nerve pain relief

Sciatic nerve can be irritated anywhere in its path

There are five Lumbar vertebra that form the low back, plus your sacrum (the wedge shaped bone at the base). Each joint has a nerve exiting the spine from the spinal cord.
The lower five joints plus the sacral nerve roots combine to form a trunk of nerve called the sciatic nerve.
The nerve travels through the buttock region, passes through the Piriformis muscle, or sometimes directly below it. It then travels down your leg to your toes.
You can get irritation to the nerve anywhere along its path. You don’t need to have a disc protrusion, or major joint disruption to cause pain either.
Some minor irritation at the lower spinal joints, some muscle tightness in the buttock and combined sciatica can develop.

How Do You Get Sciatica Pain Relief?

Sciatica relief is therefore a process of finding out first where the source of pain is. For most people it is a combination of factors rather than just one element.
Research has shown that ALL back pain and sciatica is the result of an accumulation of micro-traumas over time.
Hence small irritation to your joints, muscles and even the nerve itself is what trigger pain for most.
Disc protrusions and bulges have been shown to be infrequent causes of pain; sometimes disc bulges can be present and can be causing no pain at all.
So how do you relieve back pain quickly, but also get lasting relief?

5 Ways To Get Sciatica Relief

Follow these five methods below and you will systematically remove the causes and symptoms of your pain…

1: Stretch Piriformis

piriformis stretch

Stretch only til you feel pulling NOT pain!

The Piriformis is the muscle with the sciatic nerve running through it or directly next to it. If this muscle is tight, the nerve becomes irritated easily.
Easing tension on this muscle will commonly ease pain quickly. You can stretch the Piriformis muscle in a variety of ways.
The easiest stretch is to sit on the floor, with one leg out straight and painful side with the foot flat on the floor with your knee bent. Make sure you place your foot to the outside of the knees that’s on the ground.
Then simply hold your knee and pull it towards your opposite shoulder until you feel the muscle tighten. Make sure you only ever stretch until you feel tightness and not pain. Pain will cause the muscle to tighten, and you want it to relax.
There is another stretch below in the video you can try if you find this difficult to perform.
But …
Muscle tension is only part of the cause. You must assess the entire area to determine exactly what is causing your pain – which is always muscle and joint related.
Also pain can also come from …

2: Trigger Points

Trigger points are small localized spasms of muscle, that can refer pain. Many people may believe they have sciatica when in fact they have Trigger Points referring pain in a sciatica pattern.
The best way to check for these points is to use a Trigger Map, which shows the pain pattern for each muscle’s Trigger Points. From the map you can locate where your pain is, see where the Trigger Point is and then release it if present, which can create quick sciatica relief for most.
You can use the pressure from a thumb or finger, or even a tennis ball to break these points down.
Trigger Point treatment is essential in all back pain and sciatic nerve pain relief. It has been shown to cause up to 75% of the pain present. This is also why we teach this as part of our X-Pain Program, rather than making clients purchase extra information.

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 Once you have eased Trigger Points, pain can sometimes still be present. After all for most people there are many small issues causing your pain.
The next method to use, which has been used for many hundreds of years for pain relief is…

3: Acupressure

pain relief acupressure

Acu point for pain relief

Acupressure (and acupuncture) has been used for countless years to literally turn off pain. In fact it is still used now so that people can even undergo an operation fully conscious but without pain.
There are points that literally turn off the pain signal. For each type of pain there are certain points you can rub to ease pain. Simply press on the point for about 10 seconds and you can feel relief.
You can repeat this as often as you like for sciatica relief. You can’t over use an acupressure point. There are also other types of acupressure points to help realign your spine, balance muscles, stimulate the nerve and blood supply to your muscles and more.
The above techniques are focused more on pain relief. But even if pain eases quickly you still need to deal with the underlying causes. The last two methods help with that…

4: Balance Your Pelvis

Your pelvis is like the foundation to your home. If you built your home on sand you wouldn’t expect it to remain strong and the walls straight.
The same with your spine… if the pelvis is out of balance, muscles and joints are forced to work incorrectly. With time and the day-to-day many stresses we place on our spine, imbalances develop and hence pain occurs.

pelvic imbalance

4 Pelvic Imbalances cause ALL pain

There are 4 common distortion patterns that can occur, working out which imbalance is therefore the key to balancing your pelvis. It is the one ESSENTIAL skill everyone must learn if they want lasting sciatica relief.
If you don’t know which imbalance you have, you won’t know which specific muscles, joints and other reflexes need to be worked on.
This is why we teach this skill free of charge. You can use it to find out which imbalance you have and also to monitor your progress whichever technique you use.
Being able to detect imbalances before pain arrives, means you can prevent future occurrences of pain easily.
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 Balancing your pelvis leads to the final method, which is …

5: Follow a Plan

It sounds obvious but many people never follow a plan. The plan isn’t just about removing pain either.
The plan should be a simple process of:
* Find the Imbalance (vital if you want to remove pain and maintain a healthy spine)
* Remove Pain (using Trigger Point work, stretches, joint techniques and acupressure effectively for sciatica relief)
* Eliminate the Cause (balancing your pelvis, restoring both muscle and joint balance, and improving your healing response)
* Maintain a Healthy Spine (simple techniques that take a few minutes each month to make sure you stay in balance)
But most people will forget step one, only use step two and then wonder why pain returns worse than ever before as time passes.
It only takes a few minutes each day for the initial steps, which is usually a few weeks before balance returns. To maintain a healthy spine is even easier, but yet few ever spend the few minutes each month that is required.
If you’d like to read more about this process and get lasting sciatica relief, simply click the link below…