4 Steps for Sciatica Home Treatment

Sciatica home treatment is being used more and more today as people are getting frustrated with the costs (both money and time costs) of seeking help from practitioners.
There are many ways to ease your pain, and many ways that can cause more harm than good.
Understanding the steps to follow to make sure you get lasting sciatica relief is therefore ESSENTIAL.
This web page will outline the 4 steps you must use if you plan to follow any home treatment for sciatica. These steps are easy to follow but any people omit one or two and find that relief is short lived.
So please follow these steps and make sure that whatever program you decide to use for your pain, that these steps are covered…

Step #1 – Finding & Understanding the Cause

This first step is probably the most commonly forgotten step. Many people believe that because pain is in a certain location, and that the cause of your pain is in the exact same point.

sciatic nerve pain relief

Sciatic nerve can be irritated anywhere in its path

Pain is just a signal, no different to a fire alarm.
Where the alarm is and where the fire is are usually two different places. The same with sciatica.
Sciatica is created by a few potential issues, why?
The sciatic nerve is formed from the lower joints in the spine, it then travels through the buttock region (next to or within a muscle there) and then travels down the leg.
Pain can occur from irritation at any site, and most commonly more than one site. Click here to learn more about the sciatica causes…
You may feel pain is coming from the muscles in your buttock, stretch these and find pain eases. But unless you detect and eliminate the other sites of irritation, pain will likely return.
With time if the underlying issues remain, then pain occurs more regularly and also more severely. For some people chronic pain can develop and a life filled with pain becomes a reality.
So finding the cause is therefore VITAL if you plan to get any form of lasting sciatica relief, and it’s the one sciatica home treatment methods we teach free of charge … it is that important that you know this step.

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Once you know the sites causing your pain the next step is…

Step #2 -Easing Pain – medication vs natural methods

Pain relief is simple … you pop a pill into your mouth and pain eases quickly.


Medication and Natural Supplements only deal with symptoms

This may be true and there are times when medication is necessary, but pain relief only masks the pain and many people then believe that all their problems are solved.
Now that you hopefully have found the causes of your pain, you will realize that medication (and even most natural pills and potions) will not remove all the factors relating to your pain.
Because pain for most is from a few sources, you therefore need to learn a variety of pain relief techniques to help ease pain quickly.
Pain relief is a good idea, as you body does heal faster when pain has gone.
This is why it is one of the essential steps in sciatica home treatment. The most effective methods will target:
* muscle tension (a common cause of pain)
* trigger points (which are very common in sciatica)
* joints (joint movement is at the source of sciatica)
* inflammation (in moderate & severe cases inflammation is present)
The problem is there is no one technique that covers all these issues. Sure you may perform a certain technique, take a pill or potion and feel relief, but they will only cover some of these issues.
This is why it is necessary to learn a variety of simple pain relief techniques to help ease pain, but also to target these areas.

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But there is one area that is both symptom related and also a potential cause of pain …

Step #3 – Neural Stretching

The sciatic nerve is fibrous tissue. It runs in a track from the spine to the feet, and when there are various sites of irritation the nerve itself can get stuck in its track.
Adhesions form so the nerve doesn’t move inside the track easily. This is why there can be certain movements or positions that can give you a shot of pain. This can at times come from adhesions in the sciatic nerve.
It is simple to both check for these and remove them at the same time.
What you do is sit on the side of a bench or table so that your legs hang freely. Then bring your head forward, hunch your shoulders and round your spine a small amount. This places traction on the spinal cord and anchors the sciatic nerve around the lower spine.
Then raise your foot so that your leg is straight. Start off slowly but make it a swinging motion. If you find that as you straighten your leg you get sciatica occurring then you know there is adhesions along the sciatic nerve tract.
This technique should be performed after you use the sciatica relief techniques above, as if there is still tension in the Piriformis muscle then this can also create the same sensation.
The video below helps to demonstrate the technique easily.

Performing this exercise helps to break the adhesions along the tract, again this is a vital step to use, but even once the symptoms have eased the final step is the one step that will guarantee you get lasting relief.

Step #4 -Rebalance Your Spine

All home treatment for sciatica must conclude with removing the underlying causes which are the imbalances in your spine.
Your spine works as an entire system and it will twist and distort from the many small traumas in your life.
Whether it is lower back pain, upper back pain or sciatica, the underlying cause is the imbalance present in your spine. The causes of back pain have been shown to be these micro-traumas that accumulate and lead to the imbalance.
Unless you rebalance your spine, just your normal daily activity will continually tire your spine and recreate the muscle tension, trigger points, poor joint movement and even inflammation that leads to sciatica.
This is why many people fail to get lasting relief, as they fail to follow a simple plan to remove the symptoms and cause of pain.
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