3 Exercises for Lower Back Pain – to end & prevent pain

Exercises for lower back pain are often performed incorrectly, or you are shown lower back pain exercises that don’t actually target the right areas.
Any form of exercise can either correct a problem or potentially make it worse.
This web page will outline the 3 exercises for lower back pain that everyone should do. It doesn’t mean you should stop with these though…
The reason is simple.

ALL back pain and sciatica is a combination of elements … muscle imbalance … joint imbalance … and Trigger Points.

These three elements combine to cause your pain, and if severe you can also have inflammation present also.
Therefore low back pain exercise alone will not remove all of these elements. You must follow a simple process to eliminate each. In fact you need to follow three essential steps:
redtick<Find the Cause (this is locating the specific joint and muscle imbalances present, as well as any Trigger Points)
redtickRelieve Pain (using Trigger Point therapy, acupressure, specific stretches and techniques you can ease pain almost instantly)
redtickEliminate the Cause (this is systematically rebalancing the muscles and joints to restore balance to your entire structural system)
These three steps are all that is needed to not only relieve back pain, but to prevent it returning. Lower back pain exercises form part of this process BUT only a part.
The first step is as always the most VITAL step, as if you don’t find the cause you will not know the best techniques to use to remove pain. This is why we teach you this step free of charge … it is that important, that we believe everyone should learn this skill.

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Once you know which imbalance you have, low back pain exercise can be used to help ease pain, but is actually best to help prevent pain.


3 Exercises for Lower Back Pain

The following exercises are the best to use for lower back pain. You need to complete them in order too.
But not everyone will respond well with these exercises. It all depends on the nature of your pain, how it started and the imbalances present.
There are many simple techniques you can learn to ease pain quickly, what works for you will not necessarily work for the next person. This is why it is best to learn a few and work out those that work quickest for you.

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However …
The 3 lower back pain exercises below are an integral part of any program used for back pain and sciatica relief. So use these as part of any program you decide to follow.


Abdominal Hollowing

Your abdominal muscles are one of the major core stabilizers, and are often weakened in those with back pain. Abdominal hollowing also improves your breathing, and as each joint moves when you breathe, therefore helps to ease joint tension also.

exercises for lower back pain using abdominal hollowing

Make sure you pull your stomach in & tense the muscle

For the exercise simply lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Rest your palms on the ground and relax. You can perform this in a seated position also, the video below demonstrates briefly these 3 exercises for lower back pain.
Once relaxed, simply breathe in as deeply as possible. Try to remain relaxed as much as possible.
Then as you breathe out, tense your abdominal muscles by pulling them towards your spine. Just as if you were pulling on tight jeans, and had to suck in your stomach.
But make sure your pelvis and lower back don’t move. Your spine should remain in a neutral position at all times while performing this exercise. This can be difficult initially, but with practice easy to achieve.
Once the muscles are tense, hold this position for 7 seconds and then breathe in once more. Try to keep the rest of your body relaxed, so that you are only tensing the abdominal muscles only.
This exercise is essential, as you need to be able to keep your spine in a neutral position, and use the abdominal hollowing effect when performing the next two lower back pain exercises.


The Plank

This is a common exercise for lower back pain but performed incorrectly often which is why many people see little benefit.

plank lower back pain exercise

Make sure your spine is in a neutral position

Without performing the abdominal hollowing, keeping your spine neutral, the plank exercise can cause strain and not gain to your core.
You can also use the Plank to work out how strong your core is. Perform the technique and you should be able to maintain the position while keeping your spine neutral for at least 60 seconds. If not your core is not strong enough.
The Plank is performed like a press-up. Simply lie face down on the ground with arms bent at your elbow and hands flat on the ground, and toes on the ground also.
Then raise your body so that your back is flat and the spine in a neutral position. Pull your abdominals inward as in the hollowing technique above and remain in this position wile breathing steadily.
Hold the position for as long as you can. As your core increase in strength you will note you can hold this position easily for over a minute.


The Superman

This helps the muscles in your lower back and buttock area, another essential core area.

superman low back pain exercises help with pain

Tense muscles when you breathe out for 7 seconds

Again lie face down, with arms stretched out in front as in a Superman movie.
Then raise your arms and legs while you breathe in. Then as you breathe out tense the muscles as much as you can for 7 seconds, then relax back to the floor.
Repeat this 5 times if you can, again strength will increase with time. This is an isometric contraction of the muscles and best for strength.
You can also perform this type of exercise on a Swiss ball if you find it too difficult initially, then as strength increases perform as above.
The video below is a brief demonstration of the techniques above.

These are simple to perform but should form a good base for all exercises for lower back pain.
But as I said above, you still need to follow a plan to make sure you remove all elements of your pain.
There are muscle imbalances, joint imbalances and trigger points at the heart of everyone’s back pain or sciatica. Unless you remove each of these your pain relief will be temporary … and likely to return.
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